World Childhood: The Importance of Play for Toddlers

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World toddlers or children's world has become a very interesting world to be discussed and addressed. A child's growth can be seen clearly by becoming parents to understand exactly how the world's children under five. One part of the world's children under five are playing. However, unfortunately some parents even forbid their children to play and enjoy childhood by sharing it. Though childhood is a time for play. There will be a tremendous impact when the children can play and there is also the influence when he bounded into play.

Is playing an important period for Toddlers?

Many people believe that playing is just a useless activity. Better child sleeping or doing other things that are more useful. That thought should have been thrown out far. Parents should be aware that playing is the only preferred activity and suitable for toddlers. There are several benefits that can demonstrate the importance of play for toddlers, among others:

1. Toddlers train for Socializing

Many parents who are more focused on educating children to be intelligent or academic achievement. This is shown by the attitude of parents who continue to demand their children to get good grades in school, winning various competitions, and become a champion in its class. For the sake of all, parents have started educating their children since kecill by teaching numeracy, joined various kinds of edging, so time will be reduced. Even children aged 1 year alone is put into school. That is not good, but the parents must keep up with the activity that make children happy. The main requirement is indeed playing toddler. So, fill that need. While playing children can learn to socialize with friends his age. He could try to get acquainted with people other than his family. It's certainly good to initiate the development of a good EQ is not just IQ.

2. Developing Creativity

Play does not always relate to spend the time to do an activity that is not important. When a toddler play he will do things that sharpen right brain. He will try to find new things exciting. He will even make things fun and thrilling to be seen by her parents. Your little one can construct something new from what is nearby. This meant that he was playing with his imagination. He had already started to do things that previously he did not. Make no mistake, it is things like this that are also referred to as achievement.

3. Know Yourself

Getting to know yourself is not only needed by an adult or a juvenile. Toddlers should begin taught to know himself so that recognition can be done early. While playing he would begin to know what he likes. He'll know what he desired environment.

4. Practicing Adapt and Communications

When a toddler playing this event for them to learn about the environment outside the home. Those who used to hang out with a stranger with a variety of games tend to grow into a child more loving and adaptable to anyone and environment anyhow. This is of course a positive lessons for toddlers. In addition when children play with her friends she would also begin to learn to communicate with others. For those not fluent course this is something beneficial. Toddlers can train the speech organs and driven to produce sound. Based on the study, children who only spend time alone without playing with friends tend to be slow in speech. He became less communicative and somewhat difficult to adjust later on.

5. Teach To Share

When playing a toddler is learning to share and respect for others. If he only kept alone in the house, he will be formed to be someone who is individualistic. He would be more selfish because usually he can get what he wants without having to learn to appreciate and share with others. Of course you do not want this to happen is not it? Therefore give yourself time for children to play and find themselves with friends his age. Mental and moral education will certainly be a positive impact on the game.

6. Boost Confidence

Early age under five years old is a good age to begin teaching children to grow up to be someone who is confident but not excessive. He must be brave and have faith in themselves by doing a wide variety of interesting games. When they play there is a certain satisfaction that makes them more sure of himself. Additionally accustomed to playing with a lot of people will make a child more confidence to participate ushered many people and public appearances.

What are examples of games that are suitable for toddlers?

It is true that not all of the game match and support the growth of a toddler. Khususlah game with the criteria that can be introduced to infants. So, playing not just focus on filling time. No education is embedded indirectly into the mind and self toddlers. Here is a game that is recommended for toddlers:

1. Games to discover objects around

The toddler years are a period when the child began to wonder about many things. He likes to find out and know more about the things he saw and caught his attention. Give them the freedom to find out about all these things. While not pose hazards such as sharp objects exploration, let them play.

2. Games that sharpen right brain

The purpose of those games that sharpen the right brain is the play that requires desire and creativity. For example, doodling books, drawing, singing, and so demanding imagination of the toddler. Playing ball is actually also part of the right brain. Of the variety of games that you could be a bit much know what she likes and what is the talent of the child. Later, after already know, you can make learning more about their hobbies or talents.

3. Games to share

Invites children to play in areas that many friends his age are also important. He could learn to work together and share. For example, in the playground. There are several games to be played alternately. Well, this is a great medium to be in little understood to share with others. He will also communicate and build friendships.

That was the information about the world of children and games for toddlers in particular. Never underestimate the play time for children because there are many things that can only be learned by the toddler from playing. Let them flourish and imagination in accordance with their capabilities.