Lost in time

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It's a crazy Dutch expression that is older. Is it okay? If you want to say that we will all get Alzheimer's disease at some point, it may be. What babies and (some) old people have in common is 'painting the walls with your stool', they say. Is it correct?
I haven't had a child doing it, not even my twelve-year-old stepson who pooped in his pants and walked around (and sat inside) without any problems. I have never met an elder who did this, either.


My grandmother said that her mother was sent to a mental hospital. Was it the reason he never spoke to his parents again or was it one of those reasons? I doubt that there is much more in that very religious family. Things I suspect any God will approve of. It's strange that people always seem to know everything better than any God. We love to preach. My grandmother did it, my parents did it, and most likely each was ashamed of their parents, kids, siblings and how their lives ended.

Was my great-grandmother aware of her life, her past? What she did, what she said, should she not do or say? It's not fun to lose your mind (more memory) and go back in time. Especially if the past was a scary time.

Until now, we know that most people do not live a great life, are not wanted, loved, loved. It is what society, the media, teachers, and religion preach. Most of us had a bad childhood and "spoiled" wasn't part of that. Finding a job at age 7 or 8 and not going to school was the trend. It was not free choice as to who to marry or where to live. A difficult life is what remains of a hard life that is hated from your family and youth, without visitors and ends in nightmares.
It seems to me that locking in these memories is worse than depression and depression. When the mind gives up and even the mind cannot be remembered, what bothers us has no cure.

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