Been busy like a bee 🐝 buzzing around and exploring

in life •  7 months ago

I have been very busy for a week, traveling and exploring. I will try to get some posts up about my adventures. I had NO net at all the whole damn time. I am burned out and very tired. 😴
I went to the fair, hiked to a glacier, played in a cave, walked a beach, went to a museum and fished.
I posted one thing yesterday to show I’m still alive.
I hope I can catch up on some rest and sleep.

Proof of glacier
Yes that is real glacial ice I am holding

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This must have been fun. Hope you have great time 👍


It was fun, we had a great time. 😊

Love to be active, no pictures today?


Added one 😊
I am just so dang tired!

Wow! Bottle that! Hehe


The run off was fast like rapids the closer you got to the glacier. The water was full of silt, so not the best.


Was it a famous glacier? I mean does it have a name at all? Do they name glaciers? Lol, I think they do.


Yeah this was is called the Worthington Glacier. It has retreated quite a bit from when I was a kid.

Proof of glacier lol


Okay smart ass, you very well know there is no way in hell I could lift the glacier. LOL
Plus someone was wanting a photo, so I figured this one would suffice.
The pond below the glacier had lots small ice chunks. Last time there was none, so it was cool to see them.

Cool! It looks pretty up there.


Yeah it’s not to bad

Sounds like living to me! Rest up friend. I look forward to your posts especially the cave adventure. No hurry. I'll be here. Nice ice!


It took a few days to catch up on sleep, and to destress from the mini vacation.
Went with someone who is a city person and high maintenance. Very frustrating.
But trying to see the positive, which is very hard to do.

Looks like you live in an outdoor adventure playground....
Nice area! You are lucky.... Fresh air and nature.


I try to go out as much as I can, but the homestead with animals puts a buffer on that.