Do what makes you Happy !

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Do what makes you happy ! The little girl is feeding Pigeons at Pashupatinath Temple. Temple and heritage sites are shelters of Pigeons and Monkeys here in Kathmandu Valley. We can find numbers of Monkeys and Pigeons around these site. You can see more in my old posts
in Temples of Kathmandu .

It is really fun to watch the monkeys targeting foods in devotees’ hands and people feeding Pigeons in Temple like Pashupatinath. Pashupatinath is one of the Hindu Shrine and one of the World Heritage sites.
Today I would like to share one video of a little girl feeding rice to Pigeons. It is my first post in DTube !

▶️ DTube

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How cute... my boy was always scared of pigeons!

Thank you so much my friend !

Happiness is mostly from the simply things ;)

Exactly my friend !


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