Survey proves, the bald look smarter

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Hello everyone, how are you tonight, happy to meet again, even with a bald head condition.

Facts about balding heads!

There is increasing evidence that baldness is not a surprising coincidence of coincidence. Bald men are seen as more intelligent, dominant and high status; shiny scalp might help them seduce women and even save lives.

Before we touch what makes baldness a great thing, we must first straighten out a number of things.

In contrast to the general view, the presence of a super macho bald guy like Bruce Willis, your level of likelihood of losing hair does not make you more male. Bald men are no more fertile and their testosterone levels are also not higher, although they are more likely to have feathers on the arms, legs and chest. Possibly, more surprisingly, bald men actually do not have less hair on their heads, well, do you twirl a has a bald head?

Thanks @akiyoshi


bald head, looks more neat and cool

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