Life As a Mirror

in life •  5 months ago

Sometimes, we see life through dangerous mirrors.Mirrors I am not allowed to talk about . Right now, I am making you see it through a mirror: literature. They say "Literature mirrors life", in this case, it mirrors my observation of life.

Have I had fun, this past few days and months. I have . I have not. I am not confused, in fact , I am more exact, more practical , although, would it not be false to claim an accuracy of how we see life. I am not sure of all things but my faith stands strong against the good possibilities of what the future and even the present brings.

How do you feel when you come home and all you see is a crumbling house, you will probably be angry , destabilized, your only house is crumbling. But then , imagine your life as a single plot of land, or an acre or an hectare, it will take a house to fall for another to rise on that same land.

So, don't be sacred when you see your house crumbling , just pray that a better one gets built in replacement.

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