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I was writer-blocked all through yesterday. I spent about an hour jotting out stuffs but I ended up not really liking what I wrote down.. it appeared boring. All the same, I have got to write something.

Someone once said “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” Well, I am bleeding, it only feels like bleeding when the so-called writer-block is realing blocking you. Here am I blocking it back.

It has always been easier to write about my week, only that it is really a thing for me to write about myself, I only do it as a last resort thing, I really don't like spreading too much information about myself , most especially when I have a chance at censoring it. I am my worst critic. I could be really hard on myself.

See why I am now hard on myself, I am not a human bean

In the process of writing the above, something finally pops up in my head. Something that has been rolling upstairs in medulla rooms ,for a while now.

I want to talk (or write) a little bit about my thoughts as regards entrepreneurship. These thoughts are mostly from my personal study of history and my personal experience as regards creating products.

*** They are just inferential thoughts, I stand to be corrected. ***

Here they are, the thoughts.... I am going to just talk about one today.

Ideas are not actually over-rated.

Ideas are over-rated, I know I just contradicted myself. Bear with me. Here is what I mean. I believe most ideas we refer to as being unique to us are actually not. You might just be like the one-millionth person to think of it. So, don't feel so eurekish. When you describe the idea in a sentence or two, there is a possibility someone will describe his or her own unique ideas with the same words.

Although, I am forced to believe that the nitty-gritty of similar ideas might differ , most especially in how the idea generator plans to execute his or her unique idea.


Ideas might be over-rated but business ideas aren't. Business ideas should be rated A+ all the time.

(What changed?: I switched from talking about Ideas to talking about business ideas.)

If a business Idea can not work in the setting it is intended for, then what it is the point of such an idea in the first place.

Here is how I believe Ideas can be turned into business ideas.

Is there a need you are meeting?

If your idea is not filling a void, it does not fit into a business. There are many voids out there. People still crave a lot of things that are yet to be.

Does the market need break even with the cost of production? is there a space for profit? Do you have enough funds to spend to break even? Will your investors get their money back?

There are times when the market need might not break even with the cost. Imagine having to produce luxurious items locally in a nation with huge manufacturing costs and very few rich people. Producing such items makes your item more expensive in an international scene while you also lack local buyers. That is business suicide.

That is why a lot of dynamics goes into choosing where you source your raw materials, where you manufacture it and where you market it.

So let's talk about funding.

One thing i believe a lot of entrepreneurs forget is funds. You probably think I am kidding , but I am saying the truth. I have seen businesses go south because funding was not given enough attention. This mistake is easily made by innovators/inventors who believe erroneously that a great invention they have in mind will just work without enough marketing funds. They make the product , then they run out of money to tell people about the product. Don't do that!. Be calculative of how much you need and give it proper attention. Money is the blood of business. You want to make sure there is money to do all you have planned until you have your first set of customers that helps you make profit.

Beyond all these criteria and questions that need answers, there is a rule that probably says "Just do it".

Here is what I think about that rule: Nothing stops you from thinking a bit before you "just do it" . Planning is important. More so, there is an exception to everything. You could be the exception. be continued

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