Trip back to our province - Romblon, Philippines

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Home Sweet Home!

Good day steemians. Last time I shared about our team-building trip in Bulacan, Philippines. This time, I'm going to share to you our journey to our hometown, Romblon, Philippines. Romblon is known as the Marble Capital of the Philippines and it is really abundant in our province. Price is way way cheaper there compared here in the city which is almost thrice the price or even more.

It's around 4:30 AM and everyone is already done preparing.

Groupie first before leaving

We arrived around 5:10 AM and the bus station is already jam-packed with passengers trying to catch the earliest trip.


Good thing we're able to secure our seats. We'll just need to sit tight as people starts getting inside the bus. Everyone seems to be on a hurry. Selfie with my wife and kid before and during the trip.




Batangas Port at last. The usual 3-hour trip has been cut down to 2 hours, advantage of leaving early in the morning. Because we already have our tickets secured ahead of time so we're able to skip the line on the ticketing booth and went straight to the Port Terminal.




We still have around 2 hours before boarding so go ahead and took our breakfast on a canteen inside the terminal. I wasn't able to take photo of it though. After a fulfilling breakfast, our kiddo is already full of energy again. We got free smidgets when we bought donuts and kiddo loves it so much.



After the long wait, it's already time for us to board the ship bound to Odiongan, Romblon.











After the thorough inspection of the passenger's luggage by the K-9 Unit, we made our way into our designated accommodation.


The ship left the port at exactly 10:00 AM and it is quite surprised that it wasn't delayed, good for us though. It'll be bumpy trip for waves are actually starting to build up due to a low pressure area but it is safe to travel so long as Coast Guard authorizes the trip, then there's nothing to worry about.




We can't afford to have our battery drained so took a good nap and see you 'till the next post steemians. If you love this post, please upvote and/or resteem. Thank you for giving time to read my post.


Some time soon, perhaps I can check out Romblon. Hi Kabayan! Enjoy..

Hi po :) Romblon has actually lots of good place to visit :) We're actually planning to visit those places soon :)

nice trip! I wish I could travel as much as I could and as may places as possible...but it's so sad I don't have the budget...heheh

Don't worry :) just keep on posting good quality post and comment and eventually, it will pay off :) you would also try to enter cryptocurrency trading :) I made good amount of profit from it already :)

Thanks for the tip..But I guess I have to study about it first..heheh It's a good thing for you though.

You can tell it was a good trip despite everything, nice families. regards :D

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