God created everything, but who created God?

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 Every religion says God created this world, including us. If you ask religious gurus why God created the whole universe, what was the purpose of creation of us; they will say God created us to worship Himself.  Did He just create us for His own praising? What will He get if we worship Him and what will He lose if we stop worshiping Him? Do we create machines so that they may praise us? Do we like robots praising us and fighting with those who don’t praise us? Does is not sound funny that God created us to flatter Himself?

Let us assume that someone created us in the same manner as man created video games characters. Man plays with the life of those characters. He engages them in battles, manipulates them, harasses them, kills them, modifies them and when gets bored, deletes the older game and starts a new game. Man also enjoys and plays games with his friends. He can also sell the game to someone else or lets somebody else to play it. If God does the same things, there must be many God like entities somewhere beyond the boundaries of the universe. So, they must be watching us from there just like we watch characters of games and movies inside the screen of our gadgets, mobile phones, televisions, computers, etc. We don’t remain inside the game; we watch it from outside the screen.

But, the size of planet earth in our galaxy is insignificant. Galaxy is far bigger than our whole solar system. Billions of galaxies exist in the whole universe. So, there is almost infinite space between the earth and the boundaries of the universe. If God like entities have created us for fun and enjoyment, then why they created so much space unnecessarily? It is like someone has put some bacteria over a head of a pin and then put the pin in the ocean and watching bacteria from the space. How will he enjoy it? For enjoying the game so much long distance should not be there. We know that the size of our galaxy is 1,00,000 light years i.e. it will take us 100,000 years to cross our galaxy if we travel at the speed of light (3,00,000 km/second). So, imagine the size of the universe which contains trillions of galaxies!  Does it sound rational that God created a tiny solar system in which He created a minute planet and on that planet infinitesimal animals like us for His own worshiping?

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Perhaps, that much space may be our illusion as shown in the movie “the Truman Show”. It may be something like we saw in the movie “the Man in Black” that a galaxy was in fact a small pendant in a cat’s neck. In the movie “Prometheus” it is shown that some alien species created us. That species should be our gods, likewise we would be gods for the species of robots in the future. So, God may be someone or something that created us but was also created by someone or something else and so on. It becomes an infinite loop.  We may be in simulation as shown in the ‘matrix’ series movies.

But, the most interesting possibility may be the same as was shown in the movie “Predestination”. In this movie a single person was the woman, her husband and his own enemy. He travelled in the past and did everything which gave birth to other characters and the events in the movie. So, every one of us may be God. We may be the creator of our own existence. We may be our own father, mother, sons, daughters, relatives, friends, enemies, etc. Our own imagination may be the origin of everything we see in this world. Our senses of seeing, touching, hearing etc. remain active while we dream. We can express our thoughts in our dream. We cannot realize that we are in a dream during the state of deep sleep. So, everything is imaginary in this world. That’s why Hindu philosophical books ‘Upanishads’ called Brahma (the creator) ‘neti, neti’ meaning that is beyond comprehension. They called the world ‘Maya’ i.e. illusion and also chanted ‘aham brahasmi’ meaning I am Brahma (God), I am the Creator. We are one, we are all. Science also says that matter is made of atoms and matter can be converted in energy and energy into matter. So, there is no difference between matter and energy. We are energy and that energy is God. 

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