What's the biggest feature you want added to Steemit?

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 Steemit is a great interface of Steem blockchain but it lacks many features which everyone likes to see in a great/popular social media platform. I wish to add many features to Steemit. First of all, its interface should be changed. I have created an image in which I have shown some suggestions to improve Steemit interface. You can this image below. I am not a good artist, so please bear this crude image.


In this interface the user would be able to see the “trending, hot, promoted, replies, mentions” etc. just at one place. Also, it will show numbers of replies and mentions in popup buttons as you can see in the picture. Unlike in the traditional Steemit interface, all buttons would be on the top of the Steemit so that the large part of the screen may be free for showing the posts and blogs. Posts may also be shown as we see in the Steempeak interface in grid form. With every post some dropdown menus should be attached as you can see in the picture. Category of the downvote should be there so that the user or the readers may see clearly the reason of the downvote(s).

So, these are the features but I want to change two things for Steemit (Steem blockchain) reward system-one is the reward distribution system and other is downvoting. I have written many posts on this matter and suggested the remedies but the system is very adamant. It doesn’t like change.

(Unfortunately, musing doesn't allow to add photos or images directly from your computer or mobile. So, I had to add it using busy.org interface) 

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Probably to be able to view replies when people at "@" you. I have to use another website called asksteem and do a special search right now. If it could be built in, like under the replies that would be great.


Steemit/busy/ eSteemapp all show the replies but the realtime information matters much.