What is your best quote and why?

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 Once, I wrote a quote in my Facebook post about truth. I wrote “Truth always wins is the biggest lie.” I think this is my best quote not because I wrote it myself but because it is a fact which is unfortunately true. But, why I wrote so?

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Right from the childhood we humans deal with lies and falsehood. Every child witnesses its parents speaking lies. Teachers, relatives, friends, politicians, religious preachers, businessmen, etc all speak lies but pretend to be the model of truthfulness. A child is told that whatever is written in the religious books is true. They are made to believe in false stories related to God, gods, Satan, demons, hell and heaven. These false stories influence the minds of children and when they grow up, they become a hypocrite and believer of falsehood. 

How many corrupt politicians, big businessmen and their slaves get punishment for their atrocities and lies? In fact, rich people seldom get punishment for their crimes. On the other hand, poor are put behind the bars for committing petty crimes. Laws are formed in such a way that only a rich person can get justice. For seeking justice, one needs help of an able lawyer. Able lawyer demands too much money. A rich person can afford to hire an able lawyer but a poor cannot. So, the poor are deprived of justice. You can see many such examples in India where poor criminals spend their whole life behind the bar for the petty crimes in which the maximum sentence would have been six months if the trial had been done in time. Also, these poor could not get bail because they were not able to pay the money for bail. Courts grant bail to rich people within a few hours, even on holidays. The USA demolished Iraq in the name of chemical weapon which were never found. Was it not the victory of falsehood?

One can witness many incidents in history where truth was defeated. In fact, whole history is written by the victors. Those who raised their voices to support truth were slain mercilessly. Socrates had to drink poison because he preached youngsters to say truth. Jesus Christ was killed because he was against lies. Mahatma Gandhi was killed because he was not the liar. So, I wrote this quote. It came in my mind after seeing victory of lies and falsehood everywhere. Falsehood and hypocrisy prevail all over the world. 

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One of my best quotes

I'm the most honest liar you will ever meet!!!!!!

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The why

Its also the absolute truth
We are all liars whether we lie to our selves,significant other or our higher power

We all lie

If 9 out of 10 say it is blue and you are the only one that says it's white

Then you are a big a-- liar that I have no use for

My Theory
Or opinion
My opinion is usual factual in my head


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I think when you speak of Socrates, Gandhi and Jesus
There is absolute validation for truth setting you free

This world is full of chains and prisons

However no one can imprison your mind if you can stay true to the self

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I really appreciate this very honest blog. I can completely relate to your bitter frustratation of a world full of deceitfulness! "The Nature of Deception is not Knowing You're being Deceived!" I too have encountered this great injustice of life those claiming to have a monopoly on "Truth!" However in order to accept the reality of an absolute "Truth" that I could be confident in, I first had to do self examination and untie all the knotted lies that I had grown accustomed through my own personal poor choices mixed with the upraising of societal social and cultural indoctrination! I have found Truth that makes logical and practical sense for myself when applied that work in Harmony with the laws of nature or sound science and mathematics. Like the number 4 being a result of adding 2+2 this to me is an observable, constant, sustainable, provable, consistent absolute! I really admire that you mentioned Jesus Christ because of how you honored His life with your words it was measured with Truth! Jesus is my Truth and God that I've found to be personally consistent and the absolute resolve for my life! You're 100% right that He was killed for simply telling the Truth! That is what makes me search even deeper into the fullness of His life and Words! Christ's ultimate message was LOVE and He and those who truly followed Him even today believe LOVE is worth dying for sacrificing ones own life selflessly for the sake of others, serving and giving with genuine sincere faith, LOVE to humanity! No other faith I've found has God giving His own life so we could be with Him forever! Love the meaning of life and the answer a Universal Powerful Truth and Reality I can't reject or deny because of how it has touched the deepest parts of my heart, soul, spirit and mind! I believe in the Bible but the main thing is not to just believe what it says but actually live by it! Those who claimed to know God's Word and supposedly closet to Him rejected and killed Him when He was standing right in front of their face testifying of the Truth! Again you are 100% right that religious self righteous hypocrites have not only twisted the Word of God for selfish greedy gain seeking power manipulation and control misrepresenting God! But it was to these very "spiritual leaders" Jesus spoke His harshest words of warning, accusation, judgment and condemnation! God is a loving Father, Merciful, full of Compassion and Grace so patient with all of humanity only wanting the very best for His children just like the hope of any good parent! Everyone was born for a unique purpose and we all equally have incredible value made in God's Image! I've been very abused by religious organizations lied about, slandered, thrown out into the streets literally for confronting their hypocrisy! But I too after looking closely at my life the Lord began to open my eyes revealing my own hypocrisy to which I was forced to be honest with myself and confess my own guilt! This led me to forgive those who'd harmed me and pray for my enemies. "Those who are imprisoned by unforgiveness and bitterness are enslaved to the torturous tyrranical Dictatoring Master of Hate! While those who forgive the pain and offenses of the past are set free to enjoy the never ending pleasurable gifts of the present!" I pity those who are bound by fear and failure with no hope or love being the fire that moves, motivates and drives their heart! I've risked everything for what I believe, I've been put through many trials and tests, heavily persecuted, even being unjustly falsely accused of a crime I didn't commit which if I had lost my case I would have spent life in prison! These horrible things that happen are designed for 2 things to either help you grow closer to God and stronger in faith or cause you to blame God and question, if He's all knowing and all powerful why would He allow all the evil and bad things to happen in this world!? The answer comes through revelation of picking up your cross dying daily and not living for this temporary world but living with the confident hope of being with God in eternity! I know Heaven and Hell is real. I also know the spiritual realm and what we can't visibly see is very real as well and there is a very real Devil and fallen Angels/Demons. They are the ones deceiving the World! The Truth is the Bible says God didn't make Hell for human beings He created it for Lucifer and the rebellious Angels that followed him. The only reason people go to Hell is because they chose to reject everything God did to keep them out of there! That is why there's evil in this world a real devil and our own free will! God wouldn't truly be loving if He made robots forcing them to obey His will and commands however their are consequenses both good and bad for our choices! Every single one of the 10 commandments is just to love God & each other it's for our benefit. People may call it Karma but God says treat others as you would want to be treated because you will reap what you sow! The devil loves to twist peoples minds to make God look like the bad guy. If God is so loving why would He torture someone in Hell forever just because they don't do what He says and it wasn't even their choice to be created!? Well the answer is very simple God doesn't hold Hell over peoples head as a manipulating threat obey me or else burn forever! On the contray nothing could be furyher from the Truth God in fact holds Heaven over people, hope, opportunity, life in abundance, prosperity, healing, reconciliation, salvation, redemption, mercy, forgiveness, love, joy, peace and unity! Hell is a consequence just like breaking the law for committing a crime! According to God we're all guilty if measured against His Holy Moral Standards thus Hell is for not believing and recieving God's goodness to save us from such a place. Hell is for choosing to believe the lies of the devil following and worshipping him instead of God because Jesus is the only one who can forgive, cleanse and save us from our sins and make us right in our relationship with Him! Heaven isn't a reward for own righteousness or pious "good deeds" it's a free gift to those undeserving knowing they had not been perfect and made mistakes but God being truly righteous and perfect made a way for all who call upon His Holy Son Jesus Christ's Name! Unfortunately many so called "Christians" will end up in Hell and those who were the very worst of the worst thrown away, rejected and judged by society like prostitutes, drug addicts, adulterers, liars and theives etc. Will enter into Heaven because they were humbly broken repentant knowing they couldn't be good enough or save themselves and cried out for the Savior! Thank you again for this beautiful thought provoking message God bless Shalom!

Very true !! Similarly another quote which should be redefined is 'First impression is the best/last impression.