Abscence & Gratitude

in #life3 years ago (edited)

Over the last few days I have discovered a few truths about myself and the way that I view the world. I was pretty ill with a fever so I was bed-bound for a few days, struggling to sleep and generally feeling like I was two-hundred degrees all of the time. Now in the grand scheme of things this was a minor illness for only a couple of days, however to me the contrast between then and how I feel after the illness is staggering.

I feel so grateful for being alive, the simple fact of being healthy is such an amazing privilege, something that we should all be thankful for. Life is short and has its ups and downs, sure, but the simple fact that we have the opportunity to even experience it fills me with gratitude and humility. To wake up in your bed with your health is an unbelievable feeling- one that we shall not have forever, but it often becomes clear only when we are faced with the opposite.

Let us rise with gratitude and fall with grace, each day and each life. Forever.