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Do not stop learning to achieve goals and get to know others. However, the people who continue to learn will be the owners of the future. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
One characteristic of adolescent development is the ability to think abstractly and always look ahead rather than backward. Future uncertainties have the potential to frighten teenagers and this fear can affect his current behavior. The future is clear, but not meant for teenagers. Without a clear future life is meaningless, more life is an adventure than a journey. The clear and meaningful future of knitting pieces of life becomes a clear journey to success.
Success is abundance on every side of life. Not just the abundance of money. But also the abundance of knowledge for people. the person who in the future will find success is the person who believes in his own dream. When a person believes in his dreams and aspirations, he will always try things that have not been mastered to achieve his dreams in various ways. But when a person has a dream, but does not believe that his dream will come true, then the people will ultimately not enjoy what is called success.

So if someone has a dream to succeed, trust and strive to achieve it, then he has locked his future will like him later, in accordance with his hopes and struggle later.

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