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Technology becomes obsolete with every new way product launch, processes become old and slow with every advancement, job skills become obsolete in the matter of a couple of years now. As much as people embrace modern constant change, there are some who do not, It's not that they do not get technology, they just don't know how to apply using tech for their growth and betterment.

An example from today, I told my uncle who is 32(not too young/not too old) who was a writer for a local paper about SteemIt.com, over the years my uncle has lost touch with writing creatively and writes once in a way when freelance gigs come his way. I told him about steem it and how he can make a living on his own time.

His reaction was very unwelcoming and he did not want to know about this, he did not want any of it, in fact he cursed the fact that something like this even exists. I tried to reason with him, also showed him youtube videos but he said he was too old to learn about this now and is happy where he is at and with what he knows. (He works as a chemisty lab assistant as his day time job, I wish he would just Break Bad already)


We now have the luxury of Ted talks, free audiobooks, educational videos on various topics to constantly up our skills and learn more. Investing in learning beyond your educational and internship years is a must, it's not only about building new skills. **It's about keeping those mind muscles, the gray area running well into your 40s, 50s and beyond. **

My uncle gave me good insight today on why I should never lay the book down so to speak, there is never going to be a completion of learning and knowledge. It's a lifelong lifestyle choice.

Decide to learn something today, the info is out there. All it takes is a Search Engine search.

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