A simple hack to learn from anyone already successful, it starts with giving blessings

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When we see someone with a nice car that we want or in a relationship while we are single and we want the same kind of relationship for ourselves, we tend to get envious, this is human nature, envy can turn to jealousy, which is a form of anger.

When jealous we put out explanations like, he/she might be running a shady business, hence the nice expensive car and other remarks of like this.

I'm here to give you a heads up today, we should be aware and not give into this human urge, rather we need to bless, bless the person as well as what you want.

Why do we need to bless that which we want?
It's simple, our subconscious minds associate good emotions with what we desire and works in tandem with us to get what we want when we bless.
When we look through life in jealousy, our minds associate bad emotions with what we want and hence sabotage our efforts in attaining what we want, we become our own worst enemy so to speak.

Why do we need to bless the person?
This is the first step to attainment, the next being learning from the person directly or indirectly, then taking steps to get what you want.


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