How to educate baby

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Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam is the best example of all time. He not only teaches how to worship mahdhah, but also exemplifies how to organize family to country. Including, how to educate children.

How does the Prophet educate the child? The following stages in general, especially stage I (before the child was born until the age of 3 years) and stage II (age 4-10 years). While stage III to V will be written in the next article. And hopefully all these stages can be explained one by one in the parenting section (parenting) separately.

Stage I: Before the child is born until the age of 3 years

Pray for a baby candidate
Pray and give attention when the child is in the womb
Praying when the baby is about to be born
Welcomes the baby with the azan
Get a baby
Teach or listen to dhikr and prayer to the baby
Issuing zakat (fitrah) from birth
Love it
Gave him a good name at the age of 7 days
Implement aqiqah at the age of 7 days
Shaving his hair and giving charity the equivalent of a hair weight at the age of 7 days
Joking with the baby
Calling a child in a parent's degree
Holding a baby
Instill tauhid early on
Pay attention to appearance and hair style
Teach you how to dress
Always present a cheerful face to him
Kiss him lovingly
Joking and playing with the kids
Give a gift
Wipe his head as a form of affection
Teach and exemplify honesty in children

Phase II: Children 4 - 10 Years

Familiarize the call of affection with a gentle tone
Keep him playing and learning
Invite him to walk while studying
Provide ample opportunity to play
Appreciate the game
Inculcate noble character
Pray for him
Invite him to communicate intensively and ask for his opinion
Teach your trust and keep secrets
Get used to eating together
Teach you to eat
Teach fraternity and cooperation
Divide when children fight
Train his intelligence with the race and other ways
Giving rewards to children who succeeded in doing something or achieving
Keeping a child with a dhikr and teaching him to remembrance
Teaches the Azaan and Prays
Teach it boldly because it is true
If the child is able, may be appointed as a priest

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