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Medium to large gecko. The skin of the back is covered by granular scales, mixed with a rather large nodule. Pupil eyes straight up jorong shape, with jagged edges. The front and rear toes grow perfectly, extending at the tip, sometimes with a membrane between the base of the finger, the claw (fingernails) on the outer radius, the underside of the finger with a series of well-developed scanning pads (called scansors) split (share). There are also preanal or preano-femoral pores, as well as post-anal nodules.

These animals are mostly active at dusk and at night, though the voices are sometimes heard during the day. The gecko lives in a forest pit or in a rock or cave; but some species also adapt to the human environment and are commensal. Gecko hunts various insects and other invertebrates as its food, although it also does not hesitate to prey on other smaller vertebrates in size. The female gecko usually takes out a pair of eggs, which are kept attached to the corner of a hole or wall. The place to store this egg is usually used repeatedly by the same geckos.

Spotted gecko (Gekko monarchus) is a type of gecko that is often found around the house, a member of the Gekkonidae tribe. The gecko that resembles these large lizards in English is known as Spotted House Gecko or Warty House Gecko. Spotted gecko spread from southern Thailand, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra (including Simeulue and Mentawai Islands), Borneo (including Brunei, Sarawak and Sabah), Java, Maluku, philippines and aceh

Lizards are large, big-headed. The total length reaches 340 mm, almost half of it is the tail.

Dorsal (back side) is rough, with many large nodules. Bluish gray to brownish, with red brick spots until orange. Ventral (stomach, lower side of the body) grayish white or yellowish blue. The tail is rounded, with six rows of nodules; spotted.

The front and rear toes are equipped with a suction cushion called a scansor, located on the underside of the finger. Point to attach to the slippery surface. So, from the top of the gecko fingers seemed widened.

Geckos are commonly found in homes and trees on the edge of the forest or gardens and yards, up to a height of 1,500 m above sea level. Usually live in pairs, and rarely in groups. Active at night (nocturnal) or in the faint of dawn and dusk (crepuscular), this gecko is very shy. [3] These animals prey on different types of insects and other invertebrates [2].

Spotted gecko removes 2 eggs each time the eggs are sized 9,3-13,6 × 9,5-11,4 mm; which is attached to the wall of a hole or fracture. Sometimes also found a 'nest' together, with many eggs up to more than 50 grains. The eggs will hatch after 120 days, the outgoing child is between 25-30 mm SVL


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