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Buntet or common cauldrons, also known as conch buntet, are stones derived from fossil snails that have been petrified after years. the naming of this stone is the taste of the Java language which means snails that do not have a gap if interpreted into the Indonesian language. Therefore, this fossil stone has no gaps, although the skeleton of this animal body has cavities. This cavity is not a gap because it is covered in mud or incoming soil elements and has been petrified. Although the origin of this stone from the snail, but this stone is also much sought after by the devotees.

To get this stone is usually carried out withdrawal ritual. This ritual is done to get the magical objects as well as the buntet chile. For those who believe, the benefits of stone given by this cabbage cabbage, among others, can cure magical diseases sent bad people, mediate magical rituals, help solve various problems such as household problems, work, romance, health, and finance. Improve one's dignity and avoid black magic.

Because of the pitch that can be given and how to get it that is quite difficult, this stone is also appreciated quite expensive. The price is given depending on the quality and other value contained. To avoid fraud, you should check before purchasing and testing the authenticity. The way that can be done to know the stone of this brew college collar among others by bringing or asking the people who are experts in the world of metaisik, because not everyone can know and connect with the dunai it. It is said that the original stone buntet and bucket has a tuah can walk and if put into the water is given lemon juice will come out small bubbles derived from the stone and will run.

The special thing that causes this stone much hunted is because of the efficacy or tuahnya are believed large. For those who believe in it, the bunted stone cabbage has a kodam in it. It is said that this stone is formed from the snail dikimbun soil or mud, then the mud is entering part of the snail's shell space and partly still contains the body of the snail. After all these years the snail became fossilized and petrified and the space that once contained this life is usually used as a kodam to stay. This is the reason why this stone can give a good and much sought after.

Benefits of stone cabbage buntet:
• Make it easy for you to find a way of life to get rich.
• Smooth the business you manage.
• Keep your business / business away from opportunity loss.
• Come closer fortune into your life.
• Improving the ability to negotiate in business.
• Facilitate you in bringing a more abundant fortune.
• As a means of high level of inner peace.
•The energy of Col Buntet will keep you both physically and metaphysically.
• Minimize the chance of loss from the business you are running.
• Minimize your business from fraud.
• Smooth your business in terms of buying and selling goods or services you offer.


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