Happiness Taste Like Colorful Candies!

in life •  3 months ago

I am feeling happy, happiness is colorful and sweet like candies... :D

Roses are Red
Violets are Blue
Sugar is Sweet
And So Are You

I have a pen
My pen is blue
I have a friend
My friend is you

Water will dry
Birds will fly
Friends will never say goodbye
Friendship shall never die

Sugar... Ah, honey, honey
You are my candy oh yeah
Honey.... Ah, sugar, sugar
You are my candy oh yeah












That's all for now, hope you will be happy always, happiness is sweet and colorful like candies.

Wishing you a pleasant day!

Take care and Stay Blessed!

Yours truly,



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@ainie.kashif I was wondering, what you called in Malay for this colorful candies?


Hi @wilhb81, I used to call them Jeli Buah-Buahan aka fruit jellies. Red tasted like strawberry, orange tasted like orange, yellow tasted like lemon and purple tasted like grapes... that are according to my taste :D


I see, jeli buah-buahan sounds very appropriate :D

Beautiful candies photography @ainie.kashif, thank you so much visit on my blog


You are most welcome! I will visit again:D

Hello mam how are you? I am eagerly waiting for your post. This post is beautiful,so many colors.love it.Stay good and support me mam....


Hi @fatima92, always glad that you drop by my post. Take care and Happy Sunday :D

Wow! Beautiful and colourful post. Also
Mouth watering candies.. awesome post Ainie. Stay blessed!


Hi Shanu, thanks for visiting my post. Take care and stay blessed too :D

Almost all of my favorite candy all in the same spot

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What a colorful and sweet publication! The colors are fundamental to capture our attention and the candies have them so striking that it is inevitable not to eat them 😋


Hi @rosargelisperez, yes sweetness in life is much important to add colors and happiness, thanks and Happy Sunday :D



always be happyyy dear..

If you don't mind can I ask 1 question?

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Hi, what question?