some interesting life hacks that make life easier

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Exercise your eyes.

Guess it sounded awkward. But yes, there are eye exercises. A study found that simply moving your eyes sideways enhances creativity.

Doing this apparently increases the interaction between the hemispheres of your brain, helping them to work better with each other.

Say Thanks

It’s nicer to tell someone “thanks for your patience” than “sorry for waiting.”

Ask Open-ended Questions

Open-ended questions/statements are great tools to keep a conversation flowing. It’s better to say “tell me about your day” than to say “did you enjoy your day?”


It’s often tempting to wait for your turn to speak in a conversation, than to actually listen to the other party. Good listening only enriches your perspectives and ideas when it’s your time to speak.

Say NO

Whenever necessary. Don’t be a doormat. “No” is a complete and appropriate answer which doesn’t require explanations.

On Shaving

Run out of shaving cream? Hair conditioner is another great option. It’s softer on the skin than shampoo or shower gel. And the best time to shave is after your shower. Your hair follicles will be open and your facial hair will be softer. It makes the job easier and reduces your chances of cutting yourself. And in case you cut yourself, rub vaseline or lip balm on it. It helps it to clot faster and ameliorate the sting.

The Lucky Resume

When applying for a job, put your resume in a leather binder to make it heavier. That way, it will be assumed to be more important and taken more seriously than when it’s not in a heavy file.

On your Desktop Browser

Quickly add www. and .com to addresses in the url bar by pressing CTRL + ENTER at the same time. CTRL + W closes the current tab. And CTRL + SHIFT + T reopens the last tab closed.

And some travel tips…

On Advice

People usually tend to give more attention and value to (good) parental advice. So next time if you want them to take you more seriously, remember and share some advice that was given to you by your father or your mother.

To be remembered in life, do this ;)

Our memories are fleeting shadows. We often remember the start and end of something, while we struggle around the middle. Always try to make great impressions by avoiding being in the middle. Whether meeting new people, or going for an outing, reach there first or last. However for a job interview, it’s safer to be the first.

Use Alternative Names

If you want someone to be more friendly to you, you can use a fond name for them instead of their real name. The same applies at the workplace. Addressing colleagues by their titles endears them to you.

Use YOUR HEAD too ;)

When you ask someone a question you expect a yes answer to, try to nod your head. Naturally, the person you are asking will more likely tend to say yes.

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