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So, here's my Son!!! Julius was born at 8:27 am this morning. He weighed in at a hefty 10 lbs and 9 ounces. He was 22 inches long. This little linebacker took hours to bring forth into the world. Mom is very tired, but resting well.

A few things of note

Because of some poor life choices along the way I didn't make either of the two previous births for my kids very easy on my wife. It's been a serious regret of how big of a shit I was at various points because I experienced "wet brain" from long term continuous use of moderate amounts of alcohol every night. Anyway, it was a major deal to me to try to make this birth the best experience I could for her.

She delivered the first baby with an epidural because that delivery was like a 4 day affair. The second one was like a 2 hour affair with a hydration IV and stiff upper lip. This baby was taking forever in part because she effectively delivered what most other people would assume is a 3 month old. As part of this labor she mediated the pain with nitrous. It's growing in popularity and I can see why. It didn't take away the pain, but made it bearable. This thing was going forever, but she didn't get mentally fatigued from it because of this choice. The nitrous doesn't pass the placenta so baby doesn't feel it. It may have prolonged some of this labor because she may have been breathing through some contractions rather than pushing, but it was so freaking long that it seems to have been a good call.

What it did do was take her into outerspace a little bit, which to her was frankly a blessing for this ordeal. It gave me an opportunity to redeem myself a little by being able to stand by her in a steadfast manner and provide a deep voice to cut through the haze and coach her through a few hours of contractions.

At the height of the labor she put the nitrous down and regained total control about 15 min later and had a lot of hormones to help her through it. That's another reason that it was awesome because she was effectively 15 min at any time from being able to snap back into it, which isn't the case with powerful narcotics. She can remember nearly all of it, but there was a short span where she could feel she was in outer space, but knew it was cool cause I was there to help and guide her through this.

It's a major debt I've owed to my wife to provide one non-fucked up personal experience of a delivery. I think I did better than that and really was able to help and support her through a pretty challenging ordeal. I feel a little lighter today than I have with her in the 3 years I've been back from we brain version of me.

Older sisters

Julius has two older sisters. I have sang for them for years to help put them to sleep. A few hours after Julius was born they came by to visit. Every time that he started to cry they started to sing songs that I've sang to them for years, and every time that happened he stopped crying and just looked towards the singing voices with a loving grin and wonderment. This is a pattern that started because my mom used to sing to me, and I'm heartbroken because she passed when I was ill. That said, my second baby is the spitting image of my mother, so to hear her singing for Julius feels like knowing a little karmic cycle inspired by my mom keeps going on.


Mom is tired, but she's in great spirits and recovering well. Hopefully we're reunited back at the house in two days time. We'll see what the universe actually provides here.

Best day ever!

Anyway, I've been reflecting on today. I've been healthy in this world since October 19th 2015. This is the best day I've had in 3 years of being healthy. Just want to share a piece of that joy and pride. Thanks for your many prayers, sent love, and positive vibes sent our way. Namaste.

Birthday gifts

For folks that want to send him a little something it's probably best to just kickstart his Steem Monsters deck. I created the account @trollbaby. Feel free to send a pack in his honor there! FYI baby 3 trolled us 3 times before actually starting labor (babies are the ones that actually signal for labor to start). So, yeah that was three trips to hospital with early labor that didn't accelerate into active labor so the very least I can do is start his steem life with @trollbaby!

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Al-Hamdulilah so cute baby...so cute baby Julius
A Baby touches your heart and fills your life with love.
Wishing you all the joys of discovery a baby brings to your world.


Welcome to the blockchain Julius, can't wait to see your introduction post.
I'm sure dada will guide you pretty well on that.

@aggroed Congrats man, he looks so cute

Welcome aboard, Julius. It's a crazy ride; we saved you a seat.

What a wonderful post and wonderful news!!
Congratulations dadgroed and trollbaby and the strong mama and the loving singing sisters of course! 💜💜

Welcome to the world Julius🤗🌎💖 and congrats to your happy parents!!🎉😁

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Nice he's gunna be a great hockey player one day :)

Babies come from heaven! Congratulations.

Congrats on your bundle of joy!!!!! Enjoy this blessing big homie!!!!

Congratulations... you say the word, and here at @welcomewagon, we'll be glad to get him or his big sisters into our training program to help them with their Steemit Welcome Wagon training!

Congrats man. Welcome Julius. Although I don't like him being called a trollbaby, he seems to be more of a shybaby ;)

oh wow! congrats! :)

Congratulation man!

Congrats man. Have fun with 3! Hello @trollbaby

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Hey congratulations... that’s awesome.

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Congratulations mom & dad, big sisters & adorable big baby boy!!! What a team 🙏🧡🎶 thank-you for sharing your proud & happy day @aggroed Blessings Beautiful Family!! ❄

Awwa. He is beautiful!!! Congratulations! So happy for you!

Congratulations for this cute baby @aggroed

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More life!! Congrats man. All the best to you and your family. Blessings!

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Congratulations to you and all your family!

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Awesome news! Huge baby! Out of curiosity, how big were his sisters at birth?

Congratulations 🙌

Happy birthday to baby Julius, future emperor of Steem <3

Congratulations Aggroed & Mrs Aggroed, and welcome to world Julius.

Yay for baby Julius!
Congrats to you and your family Ag❤️

Aww! Happy you're all healthy and doing well today. Many blessings aggroed. Proud papa indeed.

I was literally just thinking earlier that your baby must have arrived by now, and went to check your page, and here this post was!!! Massive congratulations to you and your family, Julius is so so gorgeous, 10 lbs+ though wow.. Loving the skin to skin you got going on there too, newborn baby Oxytocin hugs are the best :)

I didn't know much about your story, so it was nice to gain a little insight through this post. It's great that life will always gives us new opportunities to show our growth, and I'm glad you feel you were able to redeem yourself this time. Much Love to your wife for being such a trooper, she sounds like a warrior! Also very glad she opted for gas and air this time, and in turn a much more pleasant birth.. Your first two kids sound amazing as well :) Lots of love to you all, enjoy this beautiful time with the new addition to your family!!

Awwww welcome @trollbaby!!

Congrats @aggroed! Gosh what a huge baby!!! My two was smaller and it took forever for them to come out so your wife did an awesome job!!! Have fun Cos I’m sure you know they grow up so fast you dunno where the time has gone 😂😂

Congrats man! Very happy for you.

Congrats man! That’s a big fella 😀

Congrats!! Future Steem Monster Master right there!!

Congratulations big welcome to Julius and a big WELL DONE to Mum, no mean feat giving birth, I have done it 4times myself! Julius is gorgeous🙏

Wow,this little fella looks so cute and healthy.I hope he grows up pretty soon and be a good boy.I am glad to know that his mother is fine and the picture you took holding him in your arms is really beautiful.

I can tell by your description that you are a good father.It is because you remember how much pain and suffering your wife had to go through while giving birth to your two daughters.I also read that you used to sang to your daughters to put them to sleep.I think you are a wonderful person who is a good father and a good husband.

My best wishes for you and your family.

congrats and maybe lay off the booze and you will kill it as a
dad and hubby:) Nothing like a newborn to bring perspective and help you be a better human!

Oh my gosh, welcome little @trollbaby!! He's just absolutely beautiful - what a gorgeous little soul. How beautiful you have thoughts of your Mum too - the ones we've lost find funny ways to stay with us in times of joy and darkness. I can't believe you had time to do a steempost about it as well - but hey, if there's anything to write about it's the birth of a baby huh!! Congrats to you all. Lovely news.

Wonderful post and a very great day for you. I am glad to hear that both baby and mummy are alright.
Plenty of hard work and sleepless nights ahead, so I will wish you good luck, though you've been there before so the well wishes might not be necessary :).

Congrats !!! Julius is so beautiful and perfect ! Happy Birth-day !!!

And it's so lovely to learn that you're always improving as a father for your wife :D Gorgeous post <3

Wow, that was an amazing recap of what must have been such an overwhelmingly exhausting experience.

So many things to celebrate in that story!


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you a cute baby. hopefully he will make you proud someday

Congratulations to the family!
Wishing you guys a lot of love!

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Congratulations my friend!!! Really excited for you and your wife, and I love the heartfelt details included in this post. Really awesome. Big love.

P.S.: Great work on SteemMonsters (@yabapmatt also), you guys have done something truly incredible there. All the best!

Hey congratulations my friends

Congrats @agroed and welcome to the world Julius finally something great happens after the crypto dip 😁

A new little Steem Monster!

Congrats! Enjoy the moment!

Congrats to you and your wife! Welcome to the world little guy! God bless y'all! Be sending you a little birthday present to your SM account soon.

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Congrats Aggy! He's gonna be a big ol boy!

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Cute baby enjoy him while he is still little @aggroed because they grow up pretty fast.


I was touched by your enthusiasm of steemmonsters for the fact that the gift of birth is a start pack.

Congratulations and enjoy the golden moments

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Congratulations my friend

We congratulate you all the votovzla team

Thanks for sharing this miracle! Congratulations!

Congrats, Papa Aggy! Love the name — seems rather fitting for a ‘linebacker troll’. 😉 Thanks for sharing your birth story with us — ya done good, clearly. 💜

Aww congratulations, man! He's adorable! :)

huge congrats!!!

Congratulations. He is beautiful!!

Congrats @aggroed! We hope he will be a Steemian in the future like our newborn @consciousanjel3! 😄

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zur Geburt eures Sohnes !

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Congrats! Glad you were able to make it as it definitely give a father perspective about life and the women who bring us to this world! Enjoy!

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Wow, that was deep, @aggroed!
The story about your singing daughters really made me shed a tear. Thanks for sharing it with us and big congratulations!

Welcome to the world, Julius! You're in good hands and I wish you the very best for this wonderful and unique life of yours :-)

Congrats, what a beautiful baby! Goes quickly to follow @trollbaby

Oh my cuteness.... my uterus in humming 😍

I am so utterly excited for you and your family, what an amazing blessing. I love that your daughters are carrying on the family tradition and I know that must make your heart swell. So happy for you guys.. and trollbaby is genius haha!

Congratulations, my friend. What a beautiful story and you laid yourself bare for us. I heard of nitrous during delivery, that's something new to me. I'm very happy that she was able to have a good birth experience this time around and that your newborn is happy and healthy and well. Blessings to you and yours much love!

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That is awesome! Congratulations!

Wow what a great day for your family, congratulations that everything worked out fine. Baby is looking good and he already has its first fans on Steem thats awesome!!!
Maybe somebody come up with a Steemmonster Baby shirt???

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Modeling pics incoming today I think!

Congratulations Aggy!! Welcome to the big world Julius! And well done Mum, I hope you get the rest you need.

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Congratulations with the birth of Julius! 🎉

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We welcome baby Julius in our new world! Congratulation to dad & mom.

Congratulations! God bless him and his beautiful family! :)

congratulations! Welcome @trollbaby

Yes! Please keep bringing reinforcements! We need as many free-thinkers that we can get.

Congrats on the baby boy!

Congratulation to you.and your wife, @aggroed!

That said, my second baby is the spitting image of my mother...

"We rise again, in the faces of our children..."

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Congratulations @aggroed!
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Congrats! Don’t let him actually be a linebacker, football brain is much worse than wet brain & doesn’t go away!

Damn, over 10 lbs. Nice job my man, that is a big boy! Congrats :-)

Hope everything goes smoothly this time around and you two have a better go at it. Good on ya being there and owning up man.

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Congratulations to the entire family! @novacadian mentioned Your joyful event and while I don't know You lovely folks personally, I may still be allowed to put a spell on You.

May The Universe always have a shielding hand over Your son. May he be blessed with Unconditional Love, great company and always great food.
Happy belated Birthday, Julius!


Congrats @aggroed! Very happy for you! Hope your wife is recovering quickly

This is awesome! Congratulations man. I just sent @trollbaby a Beta Booster pack so he can get his collection started.

Congrats, what a cute baby! 🍾
does it feel real yet? My son is two in a just over a month and even now I have days where I look at him and still can’t believe I’m a father.

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Congratulations PAPA @aggroed
October 21st, 1990
One Day at a Time my Friend..............

Congratulations, sir. Welcome to the world, little Angel.

Congratulations to all the family

Congratulations! So exciting... ‘tis true what they say... life will now pick up speed, eh? My oldest son is 19 yr!!! The others are 16 & 14... and it seems like yesterday when we brought them each home from the hospital!

Enjoy it all

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