I can do everything in God .

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My life is not perfect, on the contrary, it gets harder and harder and harder to live, but I have someone to turn to, the more I find myself lost I look for GOD, it always helps me. We live always thinking about what we lack, it seems that our life is summarized in what we do not "have" but, instead of thinking about what you do not have, have you thought about everything you do have? How wonderful is life when we accompany it with gratitude and love?

Be happy with what you have, always thank God for a new day of life.

Let's appreciate what God has already given us: We do not have peace in our lives and we do not enjoy what God gives us each day. Maybe we do not know how to appreciate it because we already have it and it has not cost us anything. It is easier for us to appreciate what we do not have. But what would happen if tomorrow, God forbid, a misfortune befalls us and we lose everything? Then we would realize the value of what we now have and wish we had enjoyed it, appreciated it and appreciated it more. We would realize that all we have is a gift from God, who has given it to us without deserving or appreciating it.

Did you know that your problems matter to God?

Well, that's right, God blesses us at every moment, fills us with his immense love, embraces us in moments when pain hurts us, opens the doors we need for our good, keeps us away from negative things, not us It gives more than we can resist, it does not skimp on the joys that it gives us, and the blessings are not lacking, because we receive them in bulk every day .

But tell me, how many times have you looked up to God to thank Him for all that He gives you?

We only remember being grateful to God when we have no other choice.
In life there are ups and downs, and when we are in those climbs the smile overwhelms us: we do not think about anything or anyone, we just enjoy being up there, proud and happy. But things change when we go down, when downhill comes the ideals, we break our dreams and we see that our goals become impossible to achieve. There, if we cry! There we say "LORD ... help me!"

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Thanks for reading God bless us all

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Very true,with God everything is possible

That's the spirit! The only enemy that we hinders us from becoming better is ourselves and nobody else.


I agree with you

It's a good thing to be grateful in every step of the way, and no matter when things are going well or not :)



Amen! Voted up bro!