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The love you give can never be reciprocated, what you always give with a sincere sense. You always smile in front of me, even though you know, I am here always committing disobedience to you and you never thought to stop giving your affection.

This is one of the poetry sentences read out in the tradition of washing the feet of the mother in a Youth Camp, organized by the Indonesian Red Cross Lhokseumawe, which was attended by all members of the Red Cross Youth in the city of Lhokseumawe.

So many who shed tears and even some who fainted while the procession washing the mother's feet was done, washing this mother's feet is already a tradition for Youth Red Cross Youth Lhokseumawe when finished every activity.

At first the hundreds of participants did not know, if each of their mothers were presented at the event. Before the participants came out of their camps, the event organizers had placed each of their parents in one room.

Then the participants are welcome to pick up their mothers to be taken to one of the tents, which have been prepared various equipment to perform the procession of the mother's foot washing.

Upon arriving at the tent, the participants were immediately directed to kiss their mother's knees respectively, then immediately took off their mother's sandals or shoes and immediately went through the procession of the mother's feet.

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