When In Doubt, Ask Why

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Today’s post is for all those people who have ever wanted to give up when the going got a little tough. This is another one of my posts where I don’t plan ahead what I’m going to say and just type as the thoughts come to my mind. So, here goes.When you meet a lot of people, and get to know their stories, you quickly realize that nobody’s life is perfect and that everyone has their own set of problems that they are dealing with, no matter how happy they may seem from the outside.

Really, obstacles are a fact of life no matter who you are. That’s because we are all on our own journeys towards something or the other and to get there, we have to cross the inevitable hurdles.Sometimes, it may so happen that the obstacles in front of us, may seem so huge that we not only feel at a loss for solutions but might end up questioning the very path that we are on. If you are ever in such a scenario, just ask a very simple question.

When In Doubt, Ask Why

I believe that whatever we do in life, from the smallest of things to the biggest, has a reason behind it. Very seldom do we do things without any reason whatsoever.The bigger things in life, we choose after careful consideration of several factors like circumstances, vision of what life should be, dreams, aspirations, passions and what not.So, once we’ve made a decision to do something, we set ourselves on a path and then come the inevitable pitfalls which can sometimes leave us very confused or worse, make us feel lost.During such times, what I think would work out best to figure out the way forward (and to muster up the motivation to do so) is to ask why you started in the first place. 

It might sound crazy but we often forget the reason why we started something and a healthy reminder goes a long way. I guess struggles are life’s way of giving us the wake up call!Once you are reminded of the reason, there are several things that happen from that point on. 

The first thing (and the most important one) is that you stop questioning your path, and so you get a bit of clarity just because of that.Then, once you decide to keep going, you start looking for solutions to the problem at hand with all your focus and determination. As we all know focus is one of the key ingredients for success in life and it is something that we tend to lose overtime.When you’re focused enough, you become adept at solving even the most complicated of problems and every problem solved gives you more experience and you grow as a person.So, you see how a little realization and reminder can go a long way? It is these little things that have a grand effect that we often overlook. So, the next time you’re in doubt, just ask why!

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