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For more than 3 weeks now, Graeme and Alex have been going to a Crossfit Gym in the Diamante area of Acapulco: ACAFIT.

The gym is a simple in equipment:

  • medicine balls
  • barbells & squat racks
  • kettlebells
  • jump ropes
  • boxes
  • truck tires

Alex particularly enjoys functional muscle trainings (training of multiple muscle groups in interplay, with movements such as squats and deadlifts)

The Acafit Gym




The other day, after workout, the gym owner, OMER, invited us to a pool party hosted by him for the gym members

We did not have to think twice

He needs no introduction

We had a designated DJ there, too
Gifs Pool Party 2.gif

and a smoking BBQ
party 1.jpg

wouldn't be a party without dancing
Gifs Pool Party 1.gif

Some of the boys from the Crossfit Box
party 3.jpg

Acafit PoolParty 2.jpg

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