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How to Train Your Parents at Mealtimes

Today, I attempted to write from how I thought my toddler would look at the world...

Your parents will want you to eat, so fellow toddlers, my advice to you is to make it so that it is completely enjoyable for you. The main thing is to refuse to eat unless your parents get it absolutely right!

Let me tell you about what I have achieved for my mealtimes. I have a different set of rules for each meal time!


At breakfast time I have cereal mixed with yogurt and fruit purée. I have to be in the kitchen, held in one arm, whilst Mom prepares breakfast with the other hand. She's actually getting quite good at it now! It has to be the right fruit purée or else I won't eat more than one mouthful (basically not apple purée on its own, which was once my favorite).

When this is ready and mum has made a "cuppa teeeee", it's time to go into the living room, where my fold out baby deck chair is ready for me to climb on. Before I take a mouthful of breakfast I;

  • ensure that my favorite scene from a DVD is playing (at the moment it is a 3-minute section of Shrek the Halls, or Scrat the Squirrel's Gone Nutty short on Ice Age, previously it has been scenes from In the Night Garden and Waybuloo);
  • have to have my noisy plastic nursery rhyme book to hand and also my toy bus;
  • make sure that Mom is sitting with me and ready to feed me my yogurt breakfast, with her "cuppa teeeee" next to her.

Then I am ready to eat my breakfast (most of the time teehee)!


There are two acceptable scenarios for lunchtimes depending on whether I'm indoors or outdoors. There are only four jar flavors at lunchtimes that I will eat - Autumn Orchard Chicken, Mediterranean Beef, Fruity Chicken and Chicken Curry. I'm even very particular about which one of these I have. It's whatever takes my fancy at that particular moment.

If I am indoors, I have to have lunch in my room watching a Peppa Pig DVD, either sitting on Mom's knee, or placing a book on her knee and have her read to me, whilst I watch the DVD and eat my lunch. She has to read and feed me. I don't like to make things too easy!

When I'm outside, I used to not mind sitting in my buggy, but now I like to sit on the actual bench (any bench will do) and eat my lunch. I'm not too fussy on this, as there is nothing better than eating in the great outdoors.


Mom and Dad used to try and sit me in my highchair to eat dinner, whilst they were eating theirs. But after many nights of constant crying whilst they tried desperately to eat and enjoy their own meal, they succumbed and let me roam about.

At the moment, I have some of their dinner, especially the meat - chicken, pork, bacon, and fish. I'll eat chips, rice but anything else no thank you! I used to eat veggies like green beans, peas, and carrots but I won't anymore!

So often I get some jar food, as well, Mom and Dad want to make sure that I get enough of these things they call vitamins and nutrients and I don't mind the veg that I come across in them! Often I will create a circuit, usually something like getting up and down off the sofa and running to the bathroom door and back, stopping to get a mouthful, before running around the circuit once more.

It's all fun and games! This was definitely the hardest meal time to train my parents on, as they did put up quite a resistance!


I'm quite good with my snacks, I'll eat rice cakes by the dozen, cheesy puffs by the packet and healthy fruit treats in triplicate! They just have to keep topping me up and providing the snacks, so I don't revert back to demanding the boob.

I've got quite a savory tooth, so I'm quite partial to a naughty pack of cheese and onion or bacon flavored crisps once in a little while. I'm getting into my sweet stuff though, I quite like custard creams and bourbon biscuits, but not too many.

I don't make too much of a fuss about snacks. I mean they forever ask do I want this, do I want that, so when I'm peckish all have to do is nod my head and the snack is provided! No point making too much of a fuss - I'm not demanding 100% of the time (yes I am, just not with snacks at this present moment - its all subject to change)!


Some key points for successfully training your parents at meal times, that you need to remember are:

  • Keep refusing your food until your parents get your eating conditions right - lots of pointing, leading,
    more pointing and saying “ah ah ah ah” can work in training them;
  • Obviously, crying can help;
  • Persistence is vital as your parents will try to have you live by their rules;
  • Make your parents think that they are in control - if you eat, they will be happy!

While you are small, try to have to have your own way. It is the only definite time you will get your own way. Older children have told me there will come a time when I will have to do what my parents say and do, but I will resist until that time comes!

Words by: @hopehuggs
Pictures courtesy of Pixabay

Do you have any funny toddler tales or tales from childhood to share?

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Hhh that can work
thank you for the advices , Nice to change the routine a little bit
Thanks for sharing

Well, it's not that different these days. It's obvious that kids raise their parents and not the other way. As a school teacher I can see lots of stuff similar to this. Only one thing doesn't change in this modern world: kids are always right. From what I can see, parents are so 'lost' in this modern world, that their kids are their only way out of it and from any problem. So, they choose to give them everything, and right, whether they are wrong or right.
What about your story? Well, I like the way you write. It's very nice and simple and THE MOST IMPORTANT: it's easy to read it. There are stories when you start with them, you give up very soon. But not here: it's very 'readable'. Nice!


It certainly is easier to let them rule the roost, but it will come back and bite you when they get older if you go down this route.


for sure!

The developmental level of healthy and balanced nutrition from the infancy period is also at a good level. It has been scientifically proven that academic achievement levels of well-fed school age children are higher.


Haha , this seems to be one of the funniest topics the children love to do .
Intresting point of view , and really good way of presenting tips and facts . So good to see people taking care of it .


good2, Amazing......!!! DANCE SAMAN ACEH Winner 1 in POLANDIA


@zulibnuwahab spam !! don't do this again


Thank u brather.


All you can do is try your best and PERSIST.

This is an awesome and funny post @hopehuggs. Kudos. :)
While applying those rules, you should be careful
For parents here is what i think and how i was raised up. The thing is parents control the supply lines. They decide which foods to buy and when to serve them. Though kids will pester their parents for less nutritious foods, adults should be in charge when deciding which foods are regularly stocked in the house. Kids won't go hungry. They'll eat what's available in the cupboard and fridge at home. If their favorite snack isn't all that nutritious, you can still buy it once in a while so they don't feel deprived.
From the foods they offer, kids get to choose what they will eat or whether to eat at all. Kids need to have some say in the matter. Schedule regular meal and snack times. From the selections you offer, let them choose what to eat and how much of it they want. This may seem like a little too much freedom. But if you follow what i said in the first paragraph, your kids will be choosing only from the foods you buy and serve.
Food preferences are developed early in life, so offer variety. Likes and dislikes begin forming even when kids are babies. You may need to serve a new food a few different times for a child to accept it. Don't force a child to eat, but offer a few bites. With older kids, ask them to try one bite.
Thank you very much. I appreciate your effort in writing, it was a beautiful piece. Great message
What an awesome society this is. Thanks @velimir for inviting me, i have no regrets. Privileged to be here. Not everyone has that access to great content.


Yes, strategies definitely change with age. It is my mission at the moment, to try and get them to like cherry tomatoes, but it ain't happening yet.

Oh man, what I am reading. This is funny and interesting both at the same time. This thing was never in my mind literally.


A great article with a sense of humor.


I agree!


Yeah, its interesting and a bit funny at the same time


I like to try and put myself in my toddlers shoes/kids shoes and it makes for some entertaining writing, even when I write them, it makes me giggle.

I have one from the parent's perspective. "Eat or Starve."
End of story.


They are more likely to get that approach these days

Excellent article with a great deal of humor. This is the so-called manual for babies about the correctness of nutrition ... or how to behave in order to influence parents.
I liked it - it's easy and fun to read. The most important is the content - and this is the right food. We do not often forget how to eat properly and the main thing is how much there is. In a hurry people do not have time to watch their food, and when experiencing emotional overloads not infrequently they begin to overeat. I think that everyone should think about the quality and quantity of food consumed - this is a pledge of longevity and strong health.
The biggest long-livers of the planet are advised to - LESS worry, and eat Less than usual, and most importantly more often. Better it will be frequent meals - for small portions - than rare and large portions.
Thank you


Brilliant comment as always @frank1in. Try to start good habits as young as possible.

Took me some time to get the rythm of this article, I don't remember if I followed these rules as a baby hehe but I sure developed certain preferences from a young age.

Hahaha nice i am curious now how will my sister communicate with her new baby during meal times.. 😊 i like the healthy meals you used as an example.. I can actually apply it for myself as an adult 😎


Maybe we need reminding as adults sometimes lol


yes true ..since being adult means you can eat whatever you want but sometimes not thinking if that was healthy or not.. :)

Your post reminded me of how my parents force me to finish half plate of rices with veges and chickens even though I refused for many times. In the end, I still didn't managed to finish all and I vomit right after I stopped eating. This is really an unpleasant eating experience. I didn't get to train my parents like how you did.


Oh dear. That wasn't a nice experience at all :(

I really love the way how you use this kind of different perspective to blog about your baby! It is not only very amusing to read, it teaches me also a way to write different with lots more creativity!
And I understand your little daughter, parents want her to eat so she makes the rules haha. Hopefully it becomes a little easier when she is a few years older. How old is she now?



She is 6 now and eats quite well.


That's always good! Important for her health that she is eating well :)

As a parent, do you force your kids to eat all of their food?

For me No. Only two rules.

-Eat a teaspoon full of everything so you know what you are rejecting
-If you come back saying you are hungry before next mealtime, you get what you rejected before, heated up if appropriate,

Informally, adults can tell when they really don't like it, and adjust future menus accordingly. But children won't starve if there is food, any food, available. (Weird medical conditions excepted).


I agree with your 2 rules :) I also use those with my kids :)


I don't have kids yet, but I've always thought I would apply exactly the same rules :D


A good strategy for those with the backbone to try it out. (Not me, I'm afraid).

Woe cool funny stuff

ha ha good title "How to Train Your Parents at Mealtimes" very funny @adsactly,above all the summary My my weapon is "crying",it always work for me..I really like your post upvoted and resteemed,I hope you will reply


Apparently, I used to hold my breath till I fainted if I didn't get my way. Solved with a quick blow (breath blow) to the face to make me catch my breath.

Good writing sklills, really funny post :) Interesting POV. Helped me to stop for a while and think from the other perspective, thanks


It is always good to discover another perspective.

You will eat what I make and you will be grateful you little s***!


Yes it is all too tempting to just say that on many occasions lol

Lool... Very funny... How do i pass this on to my unborn children 😂😂😂


It's on the blockchain forever more, its not going anywhere - read it to them when they are in mummy's tummy :P


hahaha! I won't forget this 😂😂😂

don't be so nice and cool buddy. you don't get any respect, attention and concentration. i am like this... learn atleas.


She looks cheeky.

I find the tittle, and content amusing-- No,its very "amusing". Ha-ha, I just can't imaging the looks of the parents that are being schemed at by their lovely-yet-sly children! Good!


The kids are secretly planning a revolution, you know ;)

Healthy food leads to a healthy living and eating right drags to the right sense of mind...thanks for sharing @adsactly


It certainly helps with a lot of things if you get your food right.

Healthy nutrition is adequate and balanced nutrition. For the regular and balanced functioning of the cells that make up our body, we have to take in enough nutrients from the nutrients, oils, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals. Our body needs all the nutrients. Single-sided feeding, that is, only to eat protein or carbohydrate wrong. Balanced nutrition, such as vitamins, minerals and fibers are also taken from important nutrients. @adsactly


healthy eating should be encouraged from the offset, as it makes things easier as the children get older. Mind you, my mum always tried to get me to eat healthy and as soon as I left home I wasn't quite so healthy, shall I say.

Raising a child is a two-way street, because the child learns the teachings of their parents and the parents that the baby gives, it is so beautiful to see how they grow and learn what you teach them with a lot of love and your learning how to be a better father. Very entertaining post


Yes, you learn many more life lessons as a parent.

my family is against fastfoot eating.I recommend that you do not eat light meals in the evening.every family is involved in drinking food for their children.


We have fast food as a very rare treat, or on birthdays. Not good to live off the stuff. We much rather a healthier meal from a pub to be honest if we want to eat out though.

Perhaps the situation seems to be like the movie boss baby ... quite an attitude for babies right there huh.. or children? ..
yeah... doesn't matter anyway.. :)

This was an artistic post @adSactly... such an incredible thinker !!!!


it is a little bit like Boss Baby actually, now you mention it haha

This is very funny though, i bet you, when a child tries this in africa especially in won't work. Hunger strike loading..........


These tactics won't work everywhere that is true, but I'm sure toddlers everywhere will have parent manipulation tactics up their sleeves in whatever form that may take, especially when their little personalities start showing.

Lol! Loved this post! Soooo true😂
U tjink as a parent that youre the one in charge but actually when u think of it, they definately know how to be the boss babies 😀
Thanks for sharing! Waiting for more👏👏


Adults in charge? Its a misconception that children manage to fool you with lol.

Hahahaha. I can't stop laughing while reading this.Good thing that my children are not picky eater,maybe ,because we only let them taste fruits , veggies and fish since they were toddlers.Whenever they taste sweet foods and junks, they seem to think that those are weird foods.


That's excellent.

Learn how to train your children at mealtimes.

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I loved this post, it is funny and clever. I have kids and you try everything and then when you are thinking you got the victory, they change their taste. The important thing is that we have control over what we will put on the table to eat.

he follow and upvote I follow and upvote back

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I vote you and now what is next??

LOL .... I think you hijacked my grandson for this..... no actually he hasn't got to this stage yet but it's coming I know.......

Upvote and restem

Wao nice such a sweet journey travil and plus dinner wao i like it

Great such a very high suggestion and clear all question related with meal

that's the name devoted to the parents

This is funny and interesting both at the same time. amazing post

It should be called “How to live 120 years!”

Good post ... ......

Hahah very good post, very funny!

Wow long life my parents

amazing post l like it thanks to share

Hahaha.. Sucha a different thing... Writer is such a genius buddy.. I never ever thought about it.. Good writing skills. He wrote and make it fun..

LOL good post bro

This is fun. A toddlers point of view.
Now if only all the toddlers read this.

Let me apply this biko!

Oh;! How funny

I enjoyed reading this post

very cute and funny too! Not only parents can teach their kids even kids also can teach parents 😂😂😂

WOW, love your post keep it up.. i will upvote..👌

Tulisan yang bagus

This post serves as such a big help to all parents out there on how to feed their kids in a proper way. As a parent,It is our obligation to feed our children healthy foods and make sure they will eat thier meal in exact time.

nice share 👍🏻

Kids rule parents now huh hahaha lol funny post! 😁

You are awesome sir . Thank you
Thanks a lot for share this

Looool. I need this parents are undermining or rather ignoring my apatite. It must end ooooo.. Thnks @adsactly

This is hilarious! I have a ten month old cousin, and I swear he does this intentionally 😂

Doing anything while eating is not a good table manner.

Funny post yea. For me I will pretend to get sick when I eat whatever I don't want to eat. Lol.

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This is really an interesting topic, thanks a alot @adsactly for this brilliant article, i cant wait for next.

funny post !!!

Awesome post and experience shared. I am also agreed with you that if we train parents than kids will take their meals happily and will enjoy food and will demand more.

i always try to convience my parents at dinner

Brilliant. That made me literally laugh out loud.

We have to feed our children healthy. Good Sharing. Thanks

haha cool..thats what kids do these days

Haha 😆😆😆 this really funny ,Thanks for your post 👍👍

That was really an educative post. You really really delved deeper into it. Really very commendable. Keep the good work up

Dear toddler, enjoy your time while it lasts. Lol. Just as the older children have told you, there would come a time when you will no longer have your way and that time is even closer than you can imagine. You're so lucky you're not even born in my country where as soon as you can say a few words, just forget it, having your way would be minimal and even sometimes, some parents would not allow you (even while still a toddler) have your way fully. You eat what they can afford to get you. So enjoy your time while it lasts.

haha i think i will cry everytime. hahaha

Could laugh my stomach out for this one..
Great @adsactly


hi :)) thank u for your different and funny writing :))cuppa teeeee :D have a nice day

Cool post haha

really interesting post.

Good post

Hahah I found this post really funny. I am currently dating a guy that has a kid and I met him for the first time last weekend. I had to help feed his son because his son was refusing to eat. He only wanted to eat fruits or anything sweet. I was able to sneak in peas by adding a sweet fruit purée to his peas.

I like maravilloso toda tu explicación

Perfectly summed up, laughing at the keyboard whilst thinking of my breakfast orders tomorrow; 1. "Cup of teeeee!" 2. "Ceee-reeeal" 3. "Go" aka Frozen dvd 4. Blank (blanket) 5. "Down!" (sit down and watch Frozen for the 337th time) and every now and again "Peas" (Please) and "Tank" (thank you) which makes it all one of the most wonderful things in my life. Take care, smile often & be happy x

Wow! Great post. But many of today mainly don't always have such opportunity. I hope to teach us kids some of these things i learnt here. Thank you.

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great sharing

This is truly hilarious. As i read, all I could do was imagine.

There are times when i imagine what a baby is thinking. The latest one that I observed is when a baby is asleep and starts to laugh. That one is truly hilarious and warms my heart.

Lovely post.

The great author @adsactly
I never train my parents, but my parents always teach me how to be great chef. But this article tell me something different and suggestion to my parents.

Quite an interesting post, I wish every toddler will read and appreciate. Thanks @adsactly.

Flagged for disagreement on rewards.

I like your post and appreciate your content. I am just weary of seeing the same ole' people on trending each day.

Best information, @nasir83