Get back to routine

in #life3 years ago

Hello guys.

After a few day of euphoria I need to get back to routine.

Same work, Same problems, Same Daily difficulty and The same bad situation.

We're didnt achived our goal to help my sister-in-law yet by collecting enough money for her treatment and we're doing our best to pay it somehow with all of our debts.

I hope some day someone with abillity to help me will do that.

I'm a working guy and my wife is working too so we're both not lazy dudes.

But our Paychecks is not enough especially when you have 2 children and one baby on the way.

It very hard for us to cover all the expense.

I'm askin you one last time, PLEASE HELP ME To Save a life.

You can donate as much as you want to.

If you can't donate is ok, but please upvote to this post and Resteem it so maybe a good other people will help too.

Thank you for your attention.





how are the sick people now?

saya harap keluarga mu tetap semangat, dan sukses selalu, tidak mempunyai masalah