Destiny – All have to suffer, According to their Karma.

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Yesterday I was sleeping and a very strange dream in my mind, even I don’t how it comes, but is very interesting and I have added some of my thoughts also, as the dream just broke in between, so let’s start and have something to eat.

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One person in my town always used to chant the name of God. Every day he visited the temple and does his daily prayers with proper dedication. Slowly he becomes very old, and now he used to just lie in his room.

He becomes very old as he is not able to do his own work also properly, like eating food, bath, toilet, etc. so he used to call his son every time for every work and used to take his son.

Slowly the time just passes away, after a few days later the son used to come sometimes. His father calls him at night, the son just come on every call the father call him, as the time passes by even the son get fade up of his father, that every time at night he calls me, and my sleep break in between.

One night even after sounding loud by his father the son did not even come at late night. During this time, he used to spend the night on the dirty bed now, due to his old age, he cannot move from his bed.
One day something strange thing happen, at night his father call his son, as soon as he made a sound, a boy comes and instantly with gentle touch, take his father to the retired and then he takes him to lying on the bed. Now this is the rule of every day.

One night father becomes suspicious that, earlier, the sons did not even come to the sound at many times during the night. But this is the second moment when you make a voice, he comes and with a very soft touch take me to the toilet.

One night the father takes his hand and asks, who are you? Tell me the truth.

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My son is not like that. So the boy said “There was a supernatural light in the dark room” and the boy say I am god, he showed him the true nature.

The person start crying: O Lord, you are doing my retirement work. I am so happy, you just give me liberation.

Lord says, this is your destiny, that your son don’t come at night and this is your sufferings. But You are my true seeker, Every time you chant my name, so I am also here as a result of your true spiritual practice, I am helping you to cut your sufferings and to reach your destiny.

The person says that what is beyond me is beyond your grace, May your grace not cut my blessings.
The Lord says, that my grace is paramount, This can cut off your wishes, But then again in the next life you will have to face this destiny and sufferings again. This is the Karma Rule.

Therefore, I want to liberate you from this birth and death by cutting off your destiny and suffering.

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God says: destiny is of three types.




Mind Destiny - this destiny can be cut off by chanting.

Sharp Destiny - find a true saint, and with him do chanting on god name by reverence and faith. This can cut this destiny.

Fastest Destiny - he has to suffer at his own. But whoever chants me with reverence and faith all the time. I come to him and help him to cut his all, his destiny and sufferings.


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Interesting read Aditya. We all live by the karma we do.

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Good job! Your are getting better and better ;)

thank you so much dear... ;-)

well said with combinations of pics

thank you so much for stopping by at my post... ;-)

@adityajainxds this has always worried me and I believe you can explain to me better. Let say a person erred and he seeks forgiveness. And hopefully he is forgiven
.do you think karma will come knocking for his past deeds?

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