the mighty vegan dragon

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Titre VO: 齢5000年の草食ドラゴン、いわれなき邪竜認定 ~やだこの生贄、人の話を聞いてくれない~
Titre traduit: Yowai 5000-nen no Soushoku Dragon, Iware Naki Jaryuu Nintei Yada kono Ikenie, Hito no Hanashi o Kiite Kurenai
Dessin :: MURO Kôichi
Scénario :: ENOMOTO Kaisei
Traducteur: GERRIET Julie
Editeur VF: Soleil
Collection: Fantasy
Type: Shonen
Genre: Aventure, Fantastique
Editeur VO: Square Enix
Prépublication: Gangan Joker
Illustration: n&b
Origine: Japon - 2018
Code prix: SM08
He is the “dragon god”. Men fear and respect him and yet ... he is the cowardest of the saurians! Terrorized in his cave grazing on grass, he will be brought out of his torpor by Reiko, who was raised to serve as a dragon sacrifice to defeat the Demon King. Lacking neither courage nor self-control, she will make life difficult for him to help her defeat the creatures that threaten her village!

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