10 strange traditions and facts from around the world

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Here is the collection of 10 bizarre habits, customs and traditions in a random order from Europe across Latin America and all the way to Asia:

  1. In England, there is a Gloucesterhire traditional cheese rolling contest in the south of England. This is an annual event on Cooper's Hill: you're trying to run faster than cheese rolling up a relatively steep hill. And be aware that injuries can happen! According to the warning sign placed on the spot: "Cheese Rolling is a dangerous activity for participants and spectators".

  2. Dutch tends to congratulate the whole family for birthdays. For example, imagine that your brother would throw a birthday party and in addition to him, the guests will also congratulate you even if it is not your birthday. During the birthday celebrations, the Dutch also traditionally prefer to sit in a circle with a tea.

  3. New Year's Eve is still something even more special in southern Italy. For example in Naples, people tend to throw things out the window at midnight.

  4. Traveling through Southern Europe, let's talk about Spain! They have the famous festival of La Tomatina, in a city of Valencia, called Buñol. This traditional festival cries out for war, since the main objective of the participants is to throw on the other masses of tomatoes - just for pure pleasure!

  5. In Latvia, you should avoid giving your shoes or socks for the present. And why is it so? Generally, he believes that the person you are giving to, would try to get out of your life. Since we prefer to keep our friends and loved ones close to us, it might be a better idea to choose something else for a gift to your Latvian friend.

  6. Finland happens to be home to many strange competitions. Have you heard of the Wife World Championship, where husbands put their wives on their shoulders upside down and start running through obstacles as fast as they can? Or Swamp Football World Cup in the Kainuu area, where you try to throw the soccer ball while you are wet, brown swamp until your knees and thighs? Other traditional alternatives are mobile phone competitions or mobile startups.

  7. In Chile, there are small earthquakes every week, and no one is really worried until they get over 6 on the Richter scale. During these small earthquakes, the Chilean may be able to prevent him from dropping his glass but will not stop watching TV.

  8. Argentines love places to drink their "companion", a kind of traditional and popular tea drink. What is odd about this is that many traffic accidents occur when people are driving a car with a pot of their special "companion" in their hands! The local government even tried to put a law prohibiting people from drinking "companion" while driving.

  9. Nepal follows a lunar calendar and generally celebrates the New Year in April. Currently the current year is 2072. However, the different castes still have their own New Year, for example Sonam Lhosar for the Tamang community, Tamu Lhosar for the Gurung community and Gyalpo Lhosar for the Tibetan community. When you are still there the Chinese New Year, as well as that of the West, it looks like the whole of the calendar year in Nepal and is full of festivities!

  10. India is a large country with enormous cultural diversity and holds many types of interesting traditions and customs. Have you heard about breaking coconuts on your head at the Aadi Festival in Tamil Naju? Priests can crush coconuts on devout heads to bring good luck and health.
    Do you know any other weird traditions or habits of the world? Share them by leaving a comment.


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