How much humanity's left for humans?...

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Movies like Terminator and other similar ones, involving robots and semi robots, a few decades two or so, were named science fiction, and we were looking at such concepts back then as simple concepts, entertaining ones but, not as a threatening reality, or even a potential one. It was fun but it was there on a tape, on a dusty shelf.

The future, the way I see it is kind of clear now, and I wouldn't be surprised if some of us, over the years to come will become friends with robots, spend time with them, search for all sort of healing solutions in their always open arms, and almost endless intelligence of future bots. I remember I was watching a video a few days ago on London Real, where the guest, I forgot his name, was talking of a future AI matrix that would be available for us to connect to, chips implanted in humans brains and connected to that matrix, and how such a reality would change life on earth the way we know it.

The benefits of such a matrix AI savior, when and if it will become a reality, would come for the suffering ones, both physical and mental, at hand as such tech connected with the human brain will be able to turn an addict into a free person again, motivate the unmotivated ones, make dreams come true and play some sort of God role turning simple wishes to reality.

I wouldn't want to be part of such a world, I wouldn't connect my brain to any shit of this sort and I truly believe that when humanity will make this huge step in its purportedly endless evolution will kind of sign its destruction. Not as a species but, as an entity, a spiritual one. The question that arises in the middle of such a reality is how much humanity's left for us?

And what's wrong with us as the way we are... I am 100% sure that I would let myself treated by an AI doctor at any time, or at least advised on fixing some sort of health problems, I would definitely prefer to have a robot as a public servant knowing that it will do the job done but, I wouldn't mix too much the human race with artificial intelligence.

I wouldn't even tackle the idea of such a possible reality. I know that in tech possibilities are almost endless but, you know what... the human spirit has endless possibilities as well, and it is what gives fragrance to this planet. Yes, we have also damaged to some extent our blue planet but I doubt that any other race in this galaxy or another, has so much fun as we do, and enjoys life that much, with the good and the bad.

Overcoming struggles, achieving goals, loving, communicating and elucidating mysteries, and many others that define our human potential gives meaning to life on earth. Being able to quit smoking by turning a switch in your brain, and learning to play violin in minutes, will simply make our human experience meaningless. I often fell like a simple smartphone helping us too much in daily chores takes away the fragrance of life on life on earth, and smartphones are not that smart...

I hate automation, I hate not getting my hands dirty once in a while in fixing things, and I'd rather live in a remote community of future neanderthals rather than connecting my brain to any sort of AI matrix. I don't want that. I love my human being, with its flaws, challenges and joy, and wouldn't trade it for anything. Such a potential reality, for me, looks pretty similar to masturbation on porn.

You're not the main actor in the play, and that's what this super AI computer would lead to, taking our job as main actors in our personal lives away. That's why I fear of RFID chips being implanted in our bodies in the future, a cashless society, a totalitarian world government, and inviting AI too often and too much into our lives. To some extent I wouldn't say NO to such tech but I would clearly mark the line where its influence on us ends, and where our defining human reality continues.

A voice in the back of my mind tells me though that we're doomed to such a reality, and that this world pandemic is preparing us for the first steps of such a potential reality, thanks to social distancing becoming mandatory, blind faith in WHO and world governments, giving up our fundamental freedom rights for a tiny bit of imaginary safety...etc, etc. Hope I'm wrong, and we will still be able to think for ourselves, have feelings, interact the way we do, and live our imperfect lives as we usd to, and that nobody, and nothing, will take our humanity away.

Thanks for attention,