I find it strange though. Any time I go off on one of these tangents, nobody ever comes to argue my points.

Most likely they realized they were wrong or simply don't want to further embarrass themselves by acting like screeching monkeys reacting without thinking.

It would be cool to be able to enter one of those brains, just to be able to visit the circus.

I have oddball take on all this though. For instance, writing off someone as trash for using profanity is no different than frowning upon someone for speaking their native tongue in a foreign land. Not liking someone simply because you don't like the sounds coming out of their mouth is kinda ridonkulous. I'm a smoker too. I face a lot of discrimination with that. Remember the 'smoking section' in bars and restaurants? It was for health reasons, whatever. What if they told obese people to go sit in a specific place? Good luck telling a big dude he has to go outside to eat. Yeah, I'm rambling.

I see your point with the smoking but also sitting next to a fat guy wouldnt really effect your health, unless he fell on you, but sitting next to someone thats smoking a cigarette will. I'm a smoker I like to think of it as a choice thing, that dude choses to be fat, I chose to smoke, Bitchy Britney while annoying didn't make the choice to light a cigarette so she shouldn't have to be in smoke.

I totally agree. It's a choice. And because of that choice, others are allowed to make choices for you. There was a time when certain races had designated seats on a bus. Certain races weren't allowed to enter certain establishments. Addicts are treated poorly. The cigarette I had just now, I can't say I had much choice. I find it odd, at least where I live, one can't open a smoking only establishment. I kinda miss that haze walking into a bar. I know it's unhealthy but it should be my choice to basically... slowly die? LOL....

See if it was smoking only and clearly labeled as such I could roll with that. If I didn't smoke and went there its be my choice to sit in the smoke. If I went to Denny's not expecting it it and having it forced upon me however, not so much.

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