Cooking With Hobo Stxs Bday Lamb Leg Dinner

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To make this as go as follows
1 pound Halal lamb (very important that you go to the Halal store to buy your lamb due to the fact that it has to be slaughtered properly otherwise we'll have a funky taste)
Fresh thyme 2 fat pinch
Fresh Rosemary 1 whole twig
Salt heavy dash
Pepper to taste
1/16 cup Olive oil
1 whole fresh minced garlic
Preheat oven to 350 degrees

Best leg o lamb ever
Install contents in oven

should look about like this

When contents are in the oven Take A pot take a bottle Chardonnay the cheapest you can find usually around $3 USD dump half of that into the pot take one can of beef stock dump 1/2 that into the pot bring to a boil while that is coming to a boil start peeling 3 whole fresh garlic right before boil I had all three whole garlic peeled after bringing to boil lower to a simmer until it turns into a thick sticky sauce should be very little liquid left during the sauce making. Make sure to check your lamb with a meat thermometer you do not want to take the lamb higher than 140 degrees Fahrenheit Center temperature if it reaches that before the sauce is done and pull it out of the oven because it will still keep cooking while resting...
once that is all accomplished

Install Chardonnay whole garlic sauce atop your lamb on a plate and it's ready to serve
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Thank you for sharing. I have copied down the recipe. Cant wait to try 😊

It's incredibly important that you use Halal lamb I can't stress that enough not a single Supermarket or specialty Meat Market Slaughters their lambs properly and all their meat taste funny due to the fact that animals such as goat and lamb have to be slaughtered properly by people that know what they're doing otherwise the meat will taste absolutely awful and will be chewy and bad

Luckly i have a little acre block with my own lamb running around and the homekill specialist i use kills them under no stress.