Harvest Prime Rambutan "boh rambot ekmie"

in #life6 years ago (edited)

Hello friends steemian

The day you can see the activities of the steemian aceh who are members of aceh steemit community, They do the first harvest of rambutan (boh rambot gluu) Which is in one of the gardens has aceh steemit community.

In this activity there were also some steemian aceh @marconah @arjunmartavela @jaladin717 @mendok including @abudar and some other aceh steemian.

"Rambutan" gardens belonging to the steemian aceh located in the interior of northern Aceh (at the foot of Mount Geureudong).






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Today, @abudar must have been happy to eat rambutan with friends from his own garden and I see the rambutan is very shady, there must be lots of fruit, thanks for sharing.

Yes, your words are correct, Rambutan has a lot of fruit, but unfortunately, many are also eaten by night animals

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