The Louvre Museum in Paris

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#Visiting museum is an educational and fun activity.

One of them is visiting the Louvre Museum in Paris. This museum is one of the Tourist Places In Paris, France.

#I wish to visit the Louvre museum in Paris since I was in high school.

The Louvre Museum is the largest and busiest museum in the world because every day there are hundred thousands of people visiting this museum. To enter this museum in addition to entering from the main door, you can enter from several available entrances.
The Louvre Museum is the world's most visited historical museum. its total artwork reaches 38,000 and additional artwork reaches 422,000.

Since the number of these collections, we will take about 100 days to see all the collections in the Louvre Museum if you see it one by one for 30 seconds without any other distraction.

The largest and busiest museum in the world gets visitors up to hundreds of thousands each day. #The most famous Louvre Museum's collection is Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa.
![musime 3.jpg]
I think the Louvre Museum is always on the mandatory list of every tourist coming to Paris. Who does not know his most famous collection, Monalisa, by Leonardo da Vinci? Tourists from Asia, usually directly to the Monalisa. Actually instead of Monalisa, museum of 6 hectares is full of other good collections.

I wish i can be there someday.. This my real dream.. how about yours?

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