The three important things before marriage talk

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The three important things before marriage talk


Marriage is an important part of life. Through social bonding, two people are committed to having a life partner for each other.

There are no plans for everyone to get married. Invitations, food arrangements, event management, arrangements for the bride and groom are organized in the family.

But since marriage is a matter of life so it is important to talk to some issues with the person you are going to live with before marriage. Then the fear of misunderstandings in new life will be less.

For example -


Financial status

The casualty should know how financial situation is. Although it is unreasonable to ask one's salary or income, these issues should be clear even before the marriage. Because you know how much money your partner can manage in the family. Talk to your partner openly whether there is any loan or bank loan for either of the two people. If you discuss these issues before, you can help both of them.

Family planning

The issue of family planning should also be discussed before marriage. You can discuss it exactly how long after taking a child. Because everyone has some ideas about their career. Therefore, it is also important to discuss this issue.

Expect your mentality

You should tell your partner what kind of mentality or partner you expect. Whether they are separated from each other, or the family will be with everyone, these issues also need to be made clear to the partner. Otherwise, it can create problems in future life.

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