Tips for better Decision Making

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Decision making is the process of making choices by gathering, assessing information and considering alternative solutions. We all have made some wrong decisions along the road which we regret later. There are six steps for making a perfect decision.


1 : Identify the problem
You need to realize that you have a problem that needs fixing and you need to make a decision for it.

2 : Start gathering information
Start collecting relevant information. Before making a correct decision, you require the correct information. But the main challenge here is, how to collect this information. There will be two ways for it : internal and external. Internal information is seeked throuh introspection and self assessment. External information can be found online or from books.


3 : Consider alternative options
There will be several possibilites based on the information collected. You can also consider other alternatives from your imagination. So, in this step, you need to list all the possible alternatives.

4 : Evidences matter
Start processing on the basis of information collected and emotions to imagine, how it would be, if you carried out each of the alternatives. The more you go through this process, you will start weighing some alternatives. There will be some decisions, which seem to have higher potential towards reaching the goal. At last, place those alternatives in a priority based order.

5 : Choose from alternatives
SInce now, you have weighed all the evidences and it is time to choose one from those alternatives. You can make a decision from a combination of alternatives. So, it's time to start acting on your decision.

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6 : Review your decision
This is the most critical step. You need to review the results of your decision and evalutate if your decision has met your needs. In case, the decision has not met your needs, you may need to restart the process again and consider where you went wrong.

Hope it will help. Thanks for reading!!


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