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RE: I Have A Little Secret To Share With Everyone!

in #life8 months ago

Finally, some entertainment in my feed. Oh, you were waiting for me....

Many of the creative writers, outsider artists, and entertainer types;

I guess not :)

Big fan of the #creativecoin content, probably my favorite tribe at present and it's the reason I've also been stocking up - to curate and enjoy.

I do hope the tribes can lure the decent creators back in.


Hey! I'm still flexible. Your life post and photos from your daughters life was well put together and I enjoyed that one.

I like it as well and I know of quite a few who could produce great stuff for the group. It's strange, last night when I started writing this... on my own personal feed there was a seven hour gap on nothing new for 'creativecoin'. At least now my voting power is back up to 100% though!

I'd really like to see these folks come back.

Thanks! Nothing like monetizing your daughters creativity due to your own lack of inspiration.

I too have seen some reasonable time gaps between posts, especially on the stemgeeks tribe in which VP is at 100% a lot. I end up sticking votes on comments or not bothering at all as unspent VP isn't all bad (except for the owner :) )

A lot of my stake sits idle. I need to go shopping for people to follow I guess. In this post here I'm only talking about what kind of stuff interests me in that specific tribe. I still like a lot of other things but would you have read another 1000 words? No. LOL!

A little retail therapy is good for you, apparently.

... would you have read another 1000 words?

That would depend on many factors, but I would side with no :)

Long form is making a comeback though!