How to cheat mobile legends to see enemies in a mini map (Radar Map + Kuroyama Mod)

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Certainly very exciting for you to play. Being the best mobile MOBA game, both on Android and iOS games this certainly requires the best strategy to master and win the game.

Besides playing honestly, can you cheat on the Mobile Legends game? Moreover, you can see the position of enemies in the mini map. Curious how do you do it?cheat-mobile-legends-radar-map-intro-24444.png
First and most recent, you can use a script called Radar Map that allows you to see the position of enemies in the mini map while strategizing. Good for attack or defense.

Using the Mobile Legends cheat with the Radar Map script is very easy for you to do, because it only needs to copy-paste in certain folders. Well this is an easy way to use the Radar Map Mobile Legends script on your game guys.

  1. The first time you are required to download the latest version of the Radar Map Mobile Legends script to be able to hack the map. You can download the latest version via the link below.

  2. To be able to access the full directory of Mobile Legends, you must first enable permissions for Storage or Storage. The way Jaka has explained in the following article is yes.

  3. Then after completing the download and activating the permissions, go to the folder where to download the Radar Map script. Then you just select Cut or Copy to then move to the Mobile Legends directory.

  4. Go to the Mobile Legends directory then Paste to move the script to hack the Mobile Legends Map.

    If the folder directory is not found, you can add it by creating a new folder

  5. Luckily testing whether the Radar Map Mobile Legends cheat is active, you can try it first in Custom Mobile Legends mode.

  6. Now this is how the Radar Map script has been activated in the folder. You can now easily see enemy movements, especially in the mini map located in the top left corner of guys.

If not guarantee the security of your account from the risk of being banned. You better use this Mobile Legends cheat on a backup account huh! DWYOR ~

Source : Satria Aji Purwoko

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