Explanation of CPU Cache, RAM Faster Than DDR5!

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When talking about memory on a PC or laptop, surely you will immediately refer to RAM or hard disk or SSD. Even though in addition to this, there is still one more memory that is even the fastest of all.

Do you know the memory? The memory is the CPU cache, where as the name implies this data is stored in the processor. Want to know more details about the CPU cache explanation? Come see full!

Function and explanation of CPU cache on the processor

Quoted by Techquickie's video. Whether hard disk or SSD or RAM, the concept is actually to provide data for processing the processor. But modern processors like now, it turns out its performance is not optimal because it often waits for data from RAM or hard disk or SSD.

Because of this reason there is a CPU cache. The concept works like RAM, it's just that the CPU cache is much faster and even more than DDR5. The CPU cache itself is generally divided into three levels. That is L1 cache, L2 cache and L3 cache. L1 cache is faster than L2 cache, L2 cache is faster than L3 cache. While the capacity is large, the opposite is true.

''Simple diagram: Speed ​​L1 & gt; L2 & gt; L3, Capacity L1 & lt; L2 & lt; L3.''


The CPU cache can work very fast, because it is indeed different from DRAM (Dynamic RAM). This CPU cache can also be called SRAM (Static RAM), where it does not need to refresh when saving data. But because the CPU cache is very small, only certain data is stored here. The rest, data is stored in RAM and hard disk.

Then how much effect does this cache CPU have on performance like FPS in games and others? Depending on the type of application, but in general, you will definitely feel an increase in overall performance. Because it is rather difficult to compare CPU caching differences, considering the CPU cache is a single processor.

If you look at the explanation above, it can be concluded that so far we have used RAM which is even faster than DDR5.

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