AMD Presents World's Fastest Processor

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Based on testing, the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Gen 2 2990WX processor can provide a 53% better multithread performance than its competitor Intel Core i9-7980XE. Interestingly, when viewed in terms of price, AMD processors are still much cheaper. Wow, really great!

Winning in multithread performance, of course, makes this AMD processor also superior in rendering matters. Tests prove that between 2990WX against i9-7980XE, AMD processors excel at rendering up to 47%. Significant difference. Then what is the difference in price?


Price of Intel Core i9-7980XE is Rp. 29.5 Millions.

That's the news about the launch of the AMD Ryzen Threadripper Gen 2 processor in Indonesia. Wow, this processor is really great, it can make everything. Whether you are a gamer, you can use it for content creators. The processor runs out really fast. What do you think?

Source : 1S

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