How long should girls wait before sleeping with a guy?

in life •  2 years ago


It's never really fair in this world when it comes to sex. Guys are always seen as studs when they sleep with many girls, but if girls do the same thing we are called horrible things.

So my question is how many dates should a girl wait until we give in to a guy we really like?

What do you all think?

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I know you won't like this, but there you go..

just nothing but the harsh truth.

And to your question, I don't care.. haha
Seriously, if a girl fuck on the first date or on the 10 date, I think it's none of my business and so in that sense I also don't judge girls who sleep around.

But usually I would say 2nd or 3th date



Thank you for the feedback :)

@artenthusiast makes a great point.
Even though unfair...
However the time before giving up your pussy could be as little as 1 date. It depends on many things.
•Time since last date.
•Time since last had sex
•Already in a relationship or not.
In the end its your pussy. Its up to you, what you want, and who you want in it!
And if you look as hot as you do in your pic, you could have quite a selection!


Whats your thoughts?
How long do you normally wait?
Have you ever had sex after a first date?

I guess it depends. My rule used to be never on the first date.
But now that I get older, my rule could be more easily broken.
Anywho, I'm in a stable relationship so what do I know


hi like you

Hi @aasiangirl. It really depends on the person and the circumstances. What ever the case, people should not judge each other regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

There is no right answer. Do what you feel is right. After all, you are the one that has to live with your decisions. Peace and love!

There is no one answer to that girl. Whenever it feels right. Like your posts by the way ;)

the stud theory is backed by women. real men don't care... they care abt what you are

Whenver she wants, a girl should be with any man or woman or whatever if she wants. Doesn't make sense to me to "wait". If you want it, go for it! :)

2 Days!?? To short?