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Does Ego has any advantage?
Thats what i want discuss today. Morning all my steemians family, how is everyone doing? i hope you are getting better in all your life area.
God has created us all equal... one nose, pair of legs, pair of hands, one brain, two ears, and others, except for some exceptions and somethings that differs male from female.
And so, what brings about the difference?
So many things changes a person from were he was initially created, that makes new changes to him. For example we were all born naked, cant walk, talk, see proferly, with no any religious belief. But, as time goes you will learn many skills; walking, talking, and so many things. If you are from Christian family you may probably end as christian, or if Hindu family to became Hindi... and so on. The environment somebody grown up within has the influence over his behaviour and consequently the mentality of a person, which shape the way he is referring people.
Some were born from influential family, some wealthy and so many other social status which makes them to behave the way they behave.
And some that are born genetically with it, or they learnt it from their parents or family.
People hate other people that has this behaviour of taking them invaluable, becouse everyone has his own unconscious selflove and worth, which trigger pain whenever somebody downgrade them no matter his status level.
Also, behaviourally white people (some not all)takes blacks and others as low level as human as them. But, the beautiful thing about it is; when you check their structural creature there is nothing one has over another, they are all equal. Then why showing lack of respect to each other.
I am not arguing that people are all equel. No People were born different and their status and level of wellbeing will never be the same the brain work and understanding the world too is not all equal. what i am saying is that why cant we enjoy our brotherhood? taking ourselves all equal? not showing any ego to others?
We have the same needs on this world. We needs food, health, money and all other material things to survive. If you have morethan mine it doesnt mean you are better than me, it is a destiny. And everyone has his own exam to attend in these world with different question paper. There is no any person who is exactly equal as you, even the identical twins has some differences, psychologically and behaviorally and so on.
May we all do our best to see the importance of anyone around us. May we not consider ourselves above other. Let us live a life full of harmony and love. Let not create hates towards ourselves!
Good day.
What is your takes on our first question?
Enjoy your day. thanks
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Yours @aasanka