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India is making imperative/serious/rapid progress in such a short time span.

I am convinced that there are two major players which are currently being modernized and will most definitely play a key role ushering us deeper into 21st century. Those players being:

1. China

A friend of mine wrote a brief article today about India's industrial/economic growth and how it's currently building the largest railway on Earth (roughly 400KM of India's border with China) which led me to remember/realize that India is making MAJOR moves in terms of bolstering their society as a whole.

I will write more about China later, as I have a lot to say which warrants its own blog post; for now I want to focus on India's rapid growth and how it will impact the future of the world we live in.


India is progressively and rapidly working to modernize it's military, economy, and technology so that it can be on par with the west or even surpass the west entirely.

India is actively and radically making some IMPERATIVE social/economic/industrial changes that will set the stage for the future in order to modernize their population of 1.4 billion into the 21st century.

There's an extremely interesting investigative journalism segment by Fareed Zakaria on CNN that purports the notion that with the passing of Brexit and more European nations moving toward isolationism/nationalism, we're regressing into an era of history repeating itself; much like it did during the first half of the 20th century, which led to two world wars as we all know. A renown economist (for the life of me I can't remember his name) who holds a Nobel peace prize revealed that while it may be bad news for foreign policy and diplomacy for countries in NATO to return to their nationalist roots, along with general disapproval of the EU by the majority of separatists, conservatives; it's great news for cryptocurrencies.

The segment also revealed that India is going to be a major player in the rise of BTC in the coming years; with only 200,000 Indians having access to internet at the start of January 2017, that number has spiked and risen to an astronomical 460,000,000 in just under 1 year at the start of January 2018, and is set to continue growing.

In a region where 30% of the population don't have electricity or even clean water, smartphones are becoming more affordable and flexible each day (you can get one for as cheap as $2-4 in India) along with this man's campaign to build 40,000 cell towers at 4G ; we're ushering in an era where India has transformed from a country with very few internet users, to the second largest data consumption / internet usage nation in the world (second only to China) all thanks to the cheap, affordable costs of outdated cell phones and a billionaire Indian investors who's hellbent on modernizing India.

This is all foreshadowing for what's to come in the crypto world... By 2020 you will have over 1 billion people in Asia with internet access yet no bank account... This will be the second (or third) gold rush of BTC, as soon as they find a way to crack the paradox of regulating a currency that literally earned it's worth by being decentralized. IMO this will be done in the form of a token we've yet to see or an exchange that hasn't been created yet (one that uses features like ShapeShift on Exodus) to transfer fiat directly into any crypto yet instead of an independent privately owned exchange it would be a government owned one.

I know it's a complete paradox which goes against everything Satoshi believed in when he began developing #BTC in 2008. Except I'm not sure Satoshi ever knew (at the time) that his decision to create a digital decentralized currency using blockchain would evolve into a virtual online stock market with trillions of dollars in circulation: quickly escalating to the point where it's disrupting the global economy.

As the infamous saying goes "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" is all that's left for BTC and the crypto community.

We're now at that stage where regulators/politicians are realizing they can't beat it; so they're looking for a way to join it. I believe India will play a very crucial & notable role in this transition.

Hope you all enjoyed the read! Thanks! Peace & Love.

P.S. BUY recommendation for today: $ETH (not too late to buy without FOMOing before the bull run)


Great that you go to uncover some of the strengths of India, it is often overlooked in China's shadow. That's outstanding the amount of wireless internet to 460 million people?? I can't wait to see what happens in 2020. This could bring over a billion system to the crypto system. Prices of crypto could be astronomically high. I think you're right!

Thank you! And yes that number is absolutely astounding but moreso to me was the fact that it had reached that number (almost half a billion) from a mere 300-400K not even 365 days before. It just goes to show how rapidly things are moving in these crazy times we're living in.

Some very interesting statistics about online use increases and the amount of the population lacking a bank accounr. Crypto seems the perfect fit.

Thank you sir. =)

Whenever people talk about the potential of the bubble bursting I always revert back to the geopolitical landscape of present day and where it's headed to. I try and use history/facts/logic as a barometer to set the stage to determine where crypto will be in 10, say 20 years.

We may never know; but this helps give us an idea!

You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

I will write more about China later, as I have a lot to say which warrants it's own blog post; for now I want to focus on India's rapid growth and how it will impact the future of the world we live in.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

I agree with you. India and China, both with massive populations, will have a HUGE influence on the future global economy. 10 years from now the world will look very different. Unfortunately both are currently very harsh on crypto. I hope to see that change soon, and I believe that it will.
You can't fight crypto forever, you just lose money if you do...

With all due respect; please read the article before commenting. I literally posted it 45 seconds ago and you instantly have a response.

I'm not interested in people reading the headline then seeing a few pictures on the blog post then writing a blanketed comment/feedback that can apply to pretty much any blog post about the future of China/India.

If you read it; or atleast skimmed through it, you'll see that I addressed (my opinion) on your concerns about crypto.

Way to jump to assumptions! My apologies for being able to read your post within a minute, never-mind the fact that I commented five minutes after it was posted (you need to get your watch checked). If you look at my posts you'll see I'm not the skim-through-the-headings type. The India and China situations are well known to me and therefore I can comment almost instantly after reading it. My comments remain valid.

But hey, if you want to pick on people taking the time to agree with you and bolster your argument, then so be it. I leave you to the far less informed hordes out there. Good luck.

I'm not jumping to conclusions at all; I'm just pointing out that I posted this blog and literally less than 50 seconds later attempted to edit it to fix something but couldn't cause you had commented. I just wanted to make sure you read it; I wasn't trying to pick on you.

Also your comment does not address specifically how India will play a major role in the future prosperity of cryptocurrencies. If you were trying to "bolster my argument" as you put it; than why are you saying the exact opposite of what I wrote in the blog post?

You talk about India being against crypto and how you hope to see that change soon. I discussed that exact concern in this post if you scroll up and read about it.

I wasn't trying to be hostile. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it :) I'll check out some of your posts as well.

Peace & Love <3

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