Ways To Spend Sundays 🌈☀️

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 Hello Steemit Friends,

Do you love Sundays? Well, who doesn't? For many, the routine is; from brunch to a relaxing afternoon, to dinner. For most individuals, its the perfect chance to take a break from the busy week. I bet this is the day most people get to have a rest, spend time with family, sleep on the couch and go through a newspaper or flip through TV channels.

 Think of Sunday as the first day of the week compared to last day as most people do. Use Sundays as a chance to prepare for the weeks tasks to make Monday and the rest of the week less overwhelming and outrageous. 

 Ways to spend Sundays creatively in order to have a productive week.

Plan for the upcoming week

Use your free time on Sundays to plot out your week. These may involve noting deadlines for tasks, going through your diary, going through your TO DO list. Have a look at the calendar to look at scheduled activities and appointments. This gives a peace of mind and makes you see things in a clear perspective.

Carry out some maintenance

The word �maintenance has varied meanings. Whatever it means to you, Sunday provides a perfect chance to do some maintenance. It can involve cleaning your home, vehicle or office. You can carry out personal grooming such as getting a haircut, manicure or facial. It could also involve cleaning your inbox or connecting with friends and family who have been ignored through the week. Use Sunday as it prevents you from interruptions.

Sort the weeks meals

This is diverse, depending on individuals lifestyles. It entails the following; cooking your evening meals in batches and freezing. Carrying out a weekly shopping for whats needed for the week. The sorted meals come in handy because you already have most of whats needed in the kitchen and you simply cook what you planned without much thought. You can go further by having/ writing a meal plan. Food is a major driving force of our day to day activities, just plan for it.

Set your weekday garments

Have you ever had the moments of stress in the morning trying to figure out what to wear? Well dont worry; it only happens if you dont set them. Failure to make such plans gets you a �paradox of choice. The secret to this daily morning hassle is to plan the attires in advance. This will also enable you to look best when you leave your house. When done properly, then your morning preparations get quicker, easier and efficient. The good thing is, planning of outfits e.g. ironing can be done while listening to your best music or chatting with family.

Engage in your hobbies

Its not all about jobs. Sundays are the best time to do things you enjoy such as biking, hiking, reading novels/ magazines, cooking best meals, socializing and sporting activities etc. Thiss the perfect time to do them guilt-free. It can be frustrating weeks and weeks ending and you never get time to engage in things you love. Unwind and do things that make you feel good and to be off stress. Engaging in the fun activities makes you motivated and eventually have a productive week. 

 Its true that everyone needs to enjoy sometime from the work/ business. Engaging in activities that make your week productive on Sundays still ensures that you have a productive Sunday. Thats fun. When you spend your Sundays creatively as mentioned above, it will be evident that youll be more rejuvenated, productive, and ready to tackle each day of the week when your alarm goes off each morning. Being productive is all about planning.

I hope you all enjoy your weekend
Thank you for your comments and votes
Much love, Tutu Tran

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