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Think of a place in London by closing your eyes. In your imagination, surely the team of Memm team will go to the museum to keep the houses, clean streets, and overlays on the umbrella head. London but it was not always like that. Not long ago, in the nineteenth century there was a situation in London's drainage system.

Soho in a district of London Still did not reach the sewer of London, in Soho There were unprovoked escalators, slaughter houses, and oil spills in emerging factories on the streets. The bones of ancient times were not able to carry these sands. Nearly dirt was drained by the sewage Somewhere there was a pipe stuck out of the dirt. After being displeased these days, the London authorities thought that the drains were taken straight into the river Thames. Thousands, the river is said to be In the words, the river is a good place to swallow. Those dirty rivers will not stand in the water.

Meanwhile, the River Thames was in contact with the entire London water supply system. In the middle of London, the successive cholera victims, their daily, wasted in the drinking water. Water pipe, bottles spread out in restaurants, bars and people's homesteads Then who else to stop the cholera? There are about 15,000 people killed in cholera since 1832.


Miazma or a pathogenic air; Image source: Stuff to Blow Mind

Louis Pasteur still did not start talking to humans about germs. People believed that cholera was due to 'Miyazma'. Miyajma concept was going on for a long time. Miyajma particles floating in the air, from the smell of rotten biological substances surrounding us.

There were many theorists and followers of Miyazma theory. Dr. William Fur believed that a large center of the construction of Miyazma in London, the surrounding soil of the Thames River. There is a lot of dirt spread on this soil, which spread through the spread of miyazma. In the theory of Miyazma, the particles floating in the air, which touched the person, were affected by Cholera.

On the other hand, the theory of germs came at a time when the germs were not discovered. Doctor John Snow realized that cholera disease is not spreading in the air. He gave the genetic theory. It is shown that people are being attacked by water. And all of this proves with a map, the map that will save thousands of lives later.

On 31 August 1954, Soho Broadstreet epitomized the massive cholera epidemic. According to John Sno, it was the most horrific in the continuous cholera epidemic. In three days, 127 people died and more than five hundred people died in 10 days. The death rate stood at 12 percent.


The location of the Broadstreet Pump, the chiller's prevalence of the adjacent side; image source: A bit of cs4fn

Henry Whitehead, who was a fan of Miyazma's theory before, he also became a supporter of John Snow's genetic theory. With his help, he talked to the local people and found a similar match between the snooping, actually he was looking for something like this. Water from the Broadstreet pumps to all their homes. But in the chemical examination, Snow could not find any fault in this water. But there was evidence to him that people who regularly drink this pump regularly or sometimes drink are affected. Only children found sick at some home. They used to go to Broadstreet's school, and because they were nearby, they used to drink water from the pumps. When a granny of a house died sick, Snow talked to her son, her mother used to drink that pump water. He would like that water to get the water. Just for the mom, the boy used to bring water from the place.

This pump was located just three feet above the old septic tank. The septic tank started spreading its cholera germs. In an interview with the Board of Guardians, Snow told her all the arguments and said. After making sure that there is something in the water, the authorities remove the handle of the pump and make it unusable. It is believed that, for this reason, many survived as a service.


The authority removes the handle of the pump and makes it unusable; image source: UCLA Fielding School of Public Health

After that, he made a map with a snow dot. Apart from the comparison of the people of the pole surrounding the pumps, apart from the comparison of the people of the geographical area, cholera would have been involved in a special type of diagram to determine such relation. He identified the location of each individual water pump. Identify the tendency to be infected with cholera by the points beside them. Make a comparison between the different water supply buyers. These maps are also the most affected by drinking water from the Broadstreet Pump.

An exception was found in a park in Broadstreet. The water was mixed with the beer, but there was no news of the person being attacked by drinking it. It is known in the search, after boiling, beer was boiled. Probably because of this, nothing happened to anyone.

More on the map of Snow Map, two companies called Southwark and Voxhall are drinking their contaminated water from the Thames of Thames. The cholera episodes are also seen among their buyers. Snorkel Cholera Map is an important milestone in determining geography relationships with health.

As the story of Hamilton's bamboo clerk, the authorities again put the handle on the pump. Though he or she knew that Snow was true, accepting his theories meant that 'people are getting bacterial germs, and they are being attacked'. The matter was then uncomfortable for them. Knowing that cholera may be attacked again, they gave more importance to their discomfort. People began to do double-dealing behavior. They did not want to believe in Snowy's theory, but no one could take water from the pump. As a result, 1854 did not have such a terrible disease. After the analysis of many trials, the Department of Health dumped the plight of the 1854 epidemic of poor miyajma shoulder.

In 1866, another doctor, Edwin Lancaster, was studying the epidemic of cholera in 1854. After watching the snow map, he was sure that Snow had understood the cause of the disease at least accurately. His intelligent map is telling the truth. Lancaster agreed with Snow, that the pump would spread contaminated water. People deny Lancaster as Snow. But then he was made the first medical officer in the area.


Pump Replica; image source: golondon.info

The world has changed. Today, people know where the cholera is, how it is, and the antidote to any medication is such information. The residents of Broadstreet know, John Snow was right, he was a great mercenary. In 1992, a replica of the original pump was replaced in place of the 1854 Pump. Every year, the 'Snake Speech of Pump' organized by the Snow Society Society. In his memory, they also took part in a program to unlock the pump handle. The city authorities have tried to highlight the memories of the notorious Pamp or the Rat John Snoor to the tourists. The red granite stone shows the path of interest to the curious tourists today.

Feature Image: Youtube

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