Lack of originality

in lie •  2 years ago 

From time immemorial, everywhere, all around the world there is one phenomenon which is considered wrong by many, but it's still found in every nook and corner, it is detestable yet everyone follows it to survive in today's competitive world. There is not one particular word for this phenomenon, multiple words with varieties of meaning. To simplify it, this is lack of originality, to pretend, to put mask on your face, to show false empathy, to fake things and above all to lie. In today's world we are unconsciously lying with each other, to say the least, from our businesses to our job to our relationship we are constantly lying. I do not want to sound nihilistic but this is brutal reality of world. To corroborate my stance I would like to state the famous saying of japanese, the japanese say we have three faces. One, we show it to the world. Second, we show it to our friends and family. Third, we never show it to anyone and that is the truest reflection of who we are.

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The plague of basic has swept accross the land, taking with it every ounce of personality and replacing it with popculture and nothing else.

You are absolutely right my friend.