Spelling Bee Prep

in library •  18 days ago

Today's library duties were unusual. I spent most of the day completing the word lists for the spelling bee our library will be hosting in the near future.

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The internet clearly demonstrates the need for the public to embrace the art of spelling again. Hopefully, we will get enough entrants in both the youth and adult divisions.

However, I have had enough of typing and screen-staring for one day, so continuing the Fractured Realms will have to wait.

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You should have fun, especially with the different spelling between English and American, although, you probably won't strike much English.


Har, har. You're just jealous because we aren't bound by your antiquated and stagnant form, and instead embraced the vitality of the New World by updating the spelling conventions faster than you did!


I can remember at age 6, getting a new picture book for Christmas,
When school started we had to learn to spell Bright, so, knowing the mew book backwards by then, spelt Brite,
Got the cuts/strap for miss spelling the word, and another set for telling the teacher she was wrong.
Took the book the school the next day to prove I was right and was told that "those people are just to lazy to learn to spell correctly"


I think it's more an example of the insipid laziness of marketeers trying to be "cute" and "clever," e.g.

This salad dressing isn't 'low-fat,' it's 'lite!'


This beer isn't tasteless yellow piss-water, it's 'lite!'