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            It was just another day in the life of a crypto-trader. Scouring the internet for information on investments. In one of my Facebook groups ("DASH" Digital Cash") I came across an IndieGOGO link which caught my eye so I looked into it. It was raising money for a Libertarian Summer Camp in Northern Ghana hosted by an organization called "The Centre for Liberty and Entrepreneurship" aka CLE. The caption read for the IndieGOGO read "A free society through Entrepreneurship, Growth and Competitiveness; The Blockchain To The Rescue".

            Being a crypto-trader for me is not so that I can be personally wealthy. It's about freedom not just for me and other people in America. But instead freedom for everyone, everywhere. Which is why I became a benefactor of the CLE. It's members were very grateful for my contribution to their cause and befriended me on Facebook. I recently decided to interview Abdul Kudus Mutaru the Vice-President of the CLE via Facebook to learn more about the organization for this article. I will begin with a brief history of the CLE explained to me by the Vice-President in his own words.

"In 2015, myself and my friends organized the Liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp for Africa Youth Peace Call under the leadership of Afrikanus Kofi Akosah. When we realized that man is a born free and that our liberty is a gift endowed upon us by our creator and that they do not come from government. Abdul won the best student of the liberty and Entrepreneurship Camp and we have since then championed the idea of Liberty, free market, property rights and limited government. We were then introduced to African students for liberty by Adusei Akwasi where we pursued eight weeks intensive local coordinator program and accredited as Local coordinator for students for liberty. Abdul kudus together with his two like minded libertarians formed the Centre for Liberty and Entrepreneurship under the leadership of Afrikanus Kofi Akosah which they outdoored in 2015 and operating as the first liberty and free market think tank in northern Ghana. A lot of programs have organized under the realms of the above mentioned organization."

            Based out of the "University for Development Studies" in Northern Ghana (the poorest part of the country). The CLE's members are frequently on tour delivering motivational speeches at Universities throughout Ghana as well as other countries in Africa. Preaching the principles of Radical Liberty and the potential of block chain technology to achieve economic sovereignty for Ghana, Africa and the World. Presently the CLE being in its infancy is supported almost entirely by the contributions of it's members and occasionally people like me. The CLE presently is attempting to assemble the resources and support necessary for an ambitious endeavor however. A project designed to register land titles using the block chain to solve land disputes. A problem which is running rampant and destroying the economy of Northern Ghana.

           In Northern Ghana land distribution is handled by tribal chieftains. The Chiefs historically are the custodians of the land in Northern Ghana. As my Ghanaian friends explained to me the best way to purchase land in Northern Ghana is to contact the Chief whom presides over the land that you would want to purchase. But thanks to the unholy alliance of Banking and Government pieces of land frequently end up with multiple owners each with legal deeds to the same piece of land. Because of the insecurity in land ownership farmers in the region are unable to put up their land as collateral for loans. The CLE's project which they call simply "Blockchain Land Titles Registration" would create an immutable ledger on the block chain that can't be tampered with by bankers or bureaucrats! The "Blockchain Land Titles Registration" has been discussed by the CLE since its inception back in 2015 and already has huge support amongst Ghanaian's in the Northern part of the country. 

         The CLE will soon launch a campaign to raise funds for the project. All of which will be stated on the organizations budget. The CLE's goal is to show the Chief's how the system works by reregistering the lands that have been registered with them and providing free service for a year in order to prove to the Chief's that the system works. As a libertarian I am very excited about this organization and I will continue to support them and If you truly value liberty I hope that you will as well. Please upvote and resteem! 


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Great article bro. Thanks a lot.

Awesome news! Upvoted and resteemed. I really hope this group is able to make success with their endeavors. A small stepping stone to more perfect societies across the globe!


Thanks for the support!

An-cap here, keep up the good work, upvoted and resteemed

I extenend my deepest thanks for the upvotes and especially to rdickey tph00n and Ancapwarren for the resteems!

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