Liberty News and Trump on Security: Draining the Swamp and Pizzagate

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I'm new on Steemit and hopeful for followers interested in news on liberty in a Trump administration and on draining the swamp. As we know, pizzagate is the tail tip of a huge, worldwide swamp monster, which must be brought to light.

david seaman

David Seaman is hot on the trail, here is his latest youtube:

He has left twitter and is on the new twitter alternative,

Please feel free to draw my attention to any new, important research in this area. For any who think that pizzagate is fake news or has been debunked, you need to research more.


Welcome to @vicktorya. There is too much info to deny this may be happening (which i feel there is). There is zero chance I dismiss this stuff. An investigation is needed to bring these evil deeds to light. Thank you for the video.

We started PizzaGate-Trail to attract others from social media outlets that have been censored, and give a place for discussion. Right now, we are organizing to get out to those outlets and bring in those displaced by censorship. You can join us there and place your posts for curation there as well. This will be an interesting week for sure.

I am crazy busy right now with you know what coming right on time, that I have nothing to say except that I am posting and upvoting every single post in this category I can until it gets "accidentally erased"

GL on the Daily show. Looking forward to your releases.

Venezuela has a lot of gold to be mined.... Thats why USA is attacking with new generation wars. Congrats for your work and coherence.

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I don't (yet) understand what 'most undervalued posts' refers to, but I will go look it up. Thanks for this post, I am still learning how this works.

Welcome, and congrats on making the top-80-most-undervalued-posts list! I'm a [Gab](]ber myself: same username as here. [ @nxtblg ]. Thankfully, the two are compementary. I've been dropping some Steemit link on my Gab feed, and of course I've been promoting Gab here. :)

As @instructor2121 noted, there's already a Pizzagate trail. Please share what you've dug up in posts here, in part because I need more links to drop on Gab ;)

The only thing "Pizza Gate" is accomplishing is making Trump supporters look childish and stupid. This is apparently a spin off of the autism /r/The Donald crowd. Please grow up and find a way to positively support the Trump presidency

I disagree @palstar7 - and you may wish to do some research on the subject, rather than making yourself look uninformed, at best.

Only thing this reply is accomplishing is making you look ill informed. At best.